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2 Days Only: Apply Your Past Product Purchases Toward Complete System Upgrade

2 Days Only: Apply Your Past Product Purchases Toward Complete System Upgrade

I want to wish you an amazing new year — only two more days until 2017! Fresh starts are always exciting!

This is also the perfect time to make those last-minute business investments to boost your tax credits and increase your expense write-offs so you can get more money back on your tax refund and/or pay less taxes.

Remember, everything you purchase from the ACA is a tax deductible business expense. That means you get to write those amounts off when you do your 2016 taxes next month in January — but only if you get your purchases in by December 31 (tomorrow).

So here’s the deal…

A lot of times, when someone has purchased some of my business-building products and tools individually, they realize it costs them a lot more that way, and they wish they would have gotten The Whole Shebang (Set-03) in the first place.

So every year around this time I give those who have purchased individual products from the ACA Success Store a last chance to apply those purchases toward The Whole Shebang (Set-03).

What that means is, if you’d like to upgrade to The Whole Shebang (Set-03) (which gives you my complete administrative support business system at a fantastic savings), I will send you a credit code for the total amount of all your purchases to far.

You then simply enter that code in the discount field when you checkout, and it will deduct that amount from your purchase.

On top of that, by upgrading, you also get the most current, updated versions of ALL the products you’ve ever purchased.

Now until midnight Dec. 31 is your last chance to do that.

Simply reply to this email and tell me you’d like to upgrade to a full set. We’ll add up your product purchases and send you a discount code for that amount.

IMPORTANT CAVEAT: This offer expires when the clock strikes midnight (January 1, 2017). After that, you will have to pay full price without any credit for previous purchases if you wish to get The Whole Shebang.

Here’s to an AH-mazing 2017!

Come Join Our New ACA Facebook Group

Hey, are you in the administrative support business?

Then come join our new ACA group forum on Facebook!

I’m finding there is a lot more interaction and engagement on group pages.

AND because we have it set to private (only members can view the discussions), you can feel safe in asking any ol’ “dumb” questions you like without fear of any clients and prospects seeing them.

Your colleagues and I would love to have you there and get to know you. 🙂

How You Can Afford an Administrative Consultant

You may have heard about Administrative Consultants, and think they’re great.

An Administrative Consultant is someone who is in the business of providing ongoing administrative support to clients they work with in one-on-one, collaborative business relationships.

You totally get it and would love to work with your own Administrative Consultant.

As with anything of value, however, it’s going to cost something.

So you hold off and keep slogging along by yourself wondering how you can afford to work with an Administrative Consultant.

Well, let me show you…

How You Can Afford to Work with an Administrative Consultant

When you work with an Administrative Consultant on an ongoing monthly basis as your right-hand administrative partner, you can get so much more done than you ever could by yourself.

You free yourself up to focus on more important things.

You also get all that extra stuff done in less time.

Which means your business moves forward much more quickly than it would all on your own.

And when you have time and room to take on more clients, and you are accomplishing all those revenue-generating projects and goals you couldn’t get to before, you end up making more money than it costs you to work with an Administrative Consultant.

Let’s recap…

By working with an Administrative Consultant, you:

  • Free yourself to focus on revenue-generation
  • Reduce your own workload
  • Get more done
  • Make faster progress

That extra time you create by working together is time you can use to:

  • Take on more clients
  • Write that book
  • Develop that training program
  • Create those passive income products

All of which increases your revenue. So the question really becomes, how you can you afford not to work with an Administrative Consultant?

This Is One of the Most Important Skills You Need to Have

One of the most important skills an Administrative Consultant needs to have is the ability to pay attention to details and follow instructions.

To clarify, I am in no way, shape or form suggesting that you should be an automaton merely taking orders from clients. (On the contrary! Your role as a business owner and Administrative Consultant is to exercise initiative and critical thinking.)

You’re running a business. It’s your role to take clients through your processes and always be investigating and probing as much as you need to determine where and how to best support them administratively.

That said, you are still in the business of providing support and helping clients accomplish the things they want to accomplish.

Very often, they want those things done a certain way for their own intentional reasons.

By all means, gain clarity and deeper understanding of what your client is thinking — and why — because that is definitely going to help you be of greater service to them.

If you know of a better way or have an idea you think might be helpful, you should share your advice and suggestions.

In the end, though, at least when it comes to practical matters (barring anything unethical or illegal, naturally), the client has the final say about what they like and how they want things to end up. It is their business, not yours.

Let’s take our members forum as an example to show you what I mean…

On the forum, we’re trying to create a particular experience so there are a few seemingly insignificant details that we are persnickety about.

We provide registrants with very precise, clear-cut instructions so they can complete their profiles accordingly.

One of those details is that we ask registrants to enter their location with city, state (or province, etc.) abbreviation and then their country so that it appears exactly like this: Anytown WA, USA.

Note that we specifically leave out a comma between the city and state, but do have one between the state and the country. It’s not the traditionally correct way one would normally format that kind of information, but this is how we want it — consistently.

Once in awhile we’ll have someone register who doesn’t get that detail right the first time.

Some ignore the instruction and don’t complete their location at all.

Or they’ll put a comma where we specifically ask them to leave it out.

Or they’ll spell out their state instead of abbreviating it.

Or they’ll only enter their state.

Or they’ll leave off the country.

We give them once or twice to get things right, but every so often we’ll get someone who will do everything BUT follow directions and enter things the way we ask.

This is always utterly perplexing to me because to my mind, it couldn’t be clearer or simpler.

We tell them explicitly what we want there and provide an example.

Yet, after three, four or more attempts, they still just can’t get it right.

They aren’t paying attention and keep trying to make up their own rules.

So how does that relate to working with clients?


Because if you have a habit of not paying attention to details and following specifications, you end up frustrating the client and wasting their time.

They have nothing to feel bad about in wanting things they want them, but when your inability to follow through on those wishes forces them to repeat themselves over and over, it makes them feel like a nag and they resent it.

Plus, when that is the case, you are not demonstrating competence.

They lose confidence in your abilities.

They won’t trust that they can rely on you to get things done properly.

They’ll feel the need to start double-checking your work.

All of which ultimately makes you difficult to work with.

They didn’t choose you so you could create more work and hassle for them, right?

In the case of my forum, we tend towards giving everyone the benefit of the doubt first.

But if they repeatedly can’t get it together, we begin to form the impression that this isn’t someone we should be representing.

We are constantly advocating for our members and touting their graces and competence to clients so we need for our members to actually be those things.

When someone can’t follow directions, especially when it comes to the simplest of things, over and over, we have to question their qualification and whether they are someone to whom we should be lending our reputation.

It’s not an indictment on the registrant as a person, but we are a professional organization after all.

We have a standard of excellence and competence we adhere to so we really need members to put their best foot forward and inspire our confidence in them.

And the same goes for your clients. They need you to inspire their confidence.

You don’t have to be perfect. You’re not a machine, and you will make mistakes every once in awhile.

And that’s okay because that’s not where your value lies. In fact, I advise you to have a conversation about that with prospective clients in your consultations.

But what is important is that overall you demonstrate a pattern and consistency of proficiency so they can trust in you.

When they have a specific detail they want adhered to in a certain way, honor that.

Because if you can’t, you create distrust and unease for them, and eventually they’ll start looking for someone else who doesn’t make it such an ordeal to work together.

Aw… Thanks!

Nothing does my heart better than to hear about how the products and information I’ve provided to the industry are helping folks.

I get lovely messages all the time and I thought maybe I would start sharing those occasionally.

The other day, I got some nice feedback from two new colleagues who purchased agreements from our Success Store.

Melody Hufford wrote…

“The Retainer Agreement saved me much time in creating my own. The client was pleased with the professionalism and clarity of the contract, and I appreciated the layout and presentation.”

Natasha Rubin wrote…

“It was all laid out for me and I did not have to create something from scratch. I also took the forms to my attorney for feedback and he thought they were the best he had ever seen!”

I am so pleased to hear that, ladies. I wish you all the success in the world!