Best Email Closing to Get a Response

Best Email Closing to Get a Response

Came across this article on Lifehacker that says (among other things) the most effective way to end an email so that you get a response is with “Thanks in advance.”

Very interesting! I wouldn’t have thought that. I always have written simply “thank you.” Will have to experiment with this.

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What’s your experience been with your closings? Add your thoughts to the rest of the comments below.

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  1. Marshalyn Bibbs says:

    It is my standard closing on work emails. I agree it definitely warrants a response.

  2. Juli Lovric says:

    I wouldn’t have thought it either!. Loved the article, and some of the comments at the end were hilarious. Thanks for sharing Danielle.

  3. Andrea Busch says:

    My favourite is “thank you kindly” or “thank you kindly in advance”. I’ve watched a lot of that Canadian Mountaineer when I was younger and “kindly” stuck. I have a thorough dislike for the short “thanks” in letters/emails.

  4. That’s one I tend to use also (“Thank you kindly”). Another one is “Many thanks” (in more casual situations).

  5. I’ve always used ‘best’ or ‘all the best’. I think I’ll try this as well, very interesting. It would be fun to compare notes on our results.

  6. I tend to use “Thank you in advance”, particularly when I am asking for something, such as feedback.

  7. Sue Stott says:

    It depends who I am responding to, but, sometimes sign off with ‘thanking you in advance’.

  8. Wendie says:

    That’s so interesting because I intuitively ended emails with that response throughout my career as an executive assistant and whenever communicating in a professional situation. I’ve done so without ulterior motive. It just seems common sense to me to qualify my appreciation for any assistance with the words, “in advance” when thanking someone for an action or response not yet given. And all this time I thought I got such a high rate of response due to my charming personality 🙂

  9. Sylvia E. Boyd says:

    Most times I write, “thanks in advance for your assistance”

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