Dear Danielle: Where Do I Get Stock Images for My Blog Posts?

Dear Danielle: Where Do I Get Stock Images for My Blog Posts?

Dear Danielle:

Quick question, what place do you recommend to get images for my blog posts? That is, paid and free if you have recommendations for both. —SW

Oh, man, there are a ZILLION stock image vendors to choose from (free and paid). You can spend an equal number of hours trying to look at them all, too, lol.

There isn’t any one in particular I recommend. When it comes to choosing stock images, so much of it is subjective and based on personal preference.

I personally tend to get a lot from because I’ve been using them for years and I prefer not to spend tons of time trying to hunt down the “perfect” image. They definitely aren’t free, though. That said, they are one of the lesser expensive of the professional grade stock image sites.

If you go to my Pinterest page and go to the board Biz: Design — Stock Images, you’ll find a bunch of stock image resources I’ve pinned, many of which are free.

PS: Be sure and check out all my other Biz Boards on Pinterest, too, which are chock-full of useful business information, tool and resources for Administrative Consultants.

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