TIP: You Aren’t Selling Services

TIP: You Aren't Selling Services

As an Administrative Consultant, you aren’t selling “services.”

You are offering one thing: a collaborative and ongoing administrative support relationship.

See? ONE thing.

It’s the relationship that is the product, not the services.

What administrative work is involved in that support relationship depends on your target market.

What you should be focusing your marketing message on is what that relationship looks like and how it improves the life and business of your clients and all that they stand to gain by working with you.

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  1. By the way, do you guys appreciate the image for this post? Helping clients is like running a three-legged race. Instead of only two legs, they have a partner to combine forces with and give them a third leg. By working together in collaborative partnership, you win the business race together!

  2. Elizabeth Nadler says:


    I think you are making a great point with this blog post. And yes, I like the image. It illustrates your point.


  3. Lisa Kelly says:

    Great point. I love your posts. ‘What the relationship looks like’. Yes. 🙂

  4. Annie says:

    Yes. PERFECT. Truly conveys the ‘three legged’ thing and the fact that you ARE there to collaborate with them and offer them and ‘extra’ leg to stand on.

  5. Timely post Danielle. Just working on some marketing material now. Good to get the focus. Thanx

  6. Hi Danielle,
    I liked the imagery you used; I liked your analogy. I often feel that I am such a support to my client that I am “serving” them and that leads me to the mentality you are cautioning us about.

    I recently finished a great “gig” where I took an authoritative role and combined that with a service mentality. That is my ONE service. I have knowledge and experience and I saw smiles of relief on my clients’ faces. That was so rewarding!

    What I believe you are saying is that I should expect that…be that…feel it. I am there to show them how its done…well.

    Thanks for all of your posts.

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