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I Shake My Head in Disbelief When I See this on Anyone’s Website

I shake my head in disbelief every time I see on someone’s website a “free 15 minute consultation.”

What on earth do you think you’re going to accomplish in only 15 minutes?

You’re going to learn more about the prospect, his/her business, uncover and identify their needs, goals and challenges, explore feelings and desired outcomes, and make a support diagnosis all in only 15 minutes?

Heck, it takes the first 15-30 minutes alone just for clients to feel comfortable and let their hair down.

If you’re going to offer a consultation, make it something real. Fifteen minutes is a joke.

You need AT LEAST 1 hour (I actually recommend blocking 2 hours so you have plenty of space to explore the conversation) to have a productive, probing and worthwhile consult that is not only going to be meaningful to the prospect and build rapport, but also help you devise smart, considered, high-value, customized support plan recommendations for which you can command top dollar.

Putting in the time upfront it takes to have a REAL consultation is an investment that will earn you more retained clients and better beginnings that have a real chance at success and results moving forward.