POLL: Are You More Creative Alone or with Others?

Lifehacker recently asked this question and I was curious which way those in our profession leaned. So how about you? Are you more creative working alone, directly with others or just in the company of others? Feel free to share how your creative energy works in the comments. We’d all love to know!

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2 Responses

  1. I consider myself quite creative. My mind is always exploring the creative side of everything. From the way I put on my makeup, to what clothes I wear and the way I wear them, to how I display food on a plate when serving, to my choice of words and the way I format a form or contract that I write for a client, to the way I arrange the flowers in my garden. I’m always thinking “creative”…. but I do it alone. I’m at my creative best in the comfort of my own mind and space. I’m not an introvert. In fact, I’m extremely gregarious and I love interacting with others, but my creativity develops in my own quiet time. When I try to be creative when others are present, I become distracted and the creativity does not flow.

  2. I’m in the alone camp. While I can definitely be inspired by others energetically, I can’t work or evoke on-demand creativity around anyone. My creativity works best when I have lots of time and space alone. My best ideas and solutions come to me when I’m outside running or hiking, lost in my own thoughts and the sounds of nature.

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