Gmail Just Took More Control Over Your INbox; Here’s How to Fix That

So I guess Gmail rolled out some significant changes to their email system that affect whether or not you are receiving YOUR email.

Apparently they have added new automatic “Primary,” “Social” and “Promotions” category tabs.

This means they are arbitrarily deciding how your email gets sorted and what email you get based on their protocols, not yours.

Not only are their efforts overzealous and big-brotherish, but there is going to be lots of legitimate mail—mail you WANT, including from clients and prospective clients—being blocked and rerouted.

Not good business.

To remedy this and make sure you get all your business email, here are two options…


  1. Click the little X at the top right of your INbox next to the tabs and uncheck the “Social” and “Promotions” box, and click save. This will revert things back to the traditional Gmail INbox.


Alternatively, if for some reason you want to keep the new tabs (though, God knows why you would, lol), you can do this instead:

  1. Go into one of the tabs and find a message from someone you WANT to continue seeing and hearing from.
  2. Drag that message over to the Primary tab.
  3. You’ll get an alert that asks:  “This conversation has been moved to ‘Primary.’ Do this for future messages from X?” Click YES.

And that oughta take care of things!

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