How to Opt Out of PayPal’s New Arbitration Clause

Just a quickie for you today… I came across a great resource on The Consumerist blog which shared a letter template for opting out of PayPal’s new arbitration clause.

In case you hadn’t heard, PayPal recently added a clause to its user agreement that forces everyone into mandatory, binding  arbitration in the event of legal complaints and takes away the right to join together in a class action unless you opt out in writing.

Apparently, many folks’ opt-out letters were rejected due to improper formatting so the Consumerist came to the rescue with a properly formatted template.

If you want to opt-out, just be sure you get your letter in by the deadline of December 1, 2012.

I got mine in AND I brought this to the attention of my clients and drafted up letters on their biz letterhead on their behalf. All they had to do was sign!

TIP:  Alert your clients and do letters for them as well; it’s a great opportunity to show how you’re always looking out for them and provide more value!

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  1. Dani says:

    Oh Danielle thank you so much, I’ve been hearing chatter and this is going to help tons.

  2. Oh, good!

    I actually posted this on FB earlier in October, but it seems like fewer and fewer people are seeing things on FB. I realized this would probably be better shared on my blog where it can reach and help more people.

    (IMO, the only real way to keep up with people and all the info, advice and goodies they share on Facebook is to go to their actual pages and not rely on the newsfeed since FB is being more and more selective about what gets on there and to who. Right now, only a tiny fraction of friends/subscribers ever see anything you post on the newsfeed.)

  3. Rebekah says:

    Great resource, Danielle. Thanks so much for sharing this. I’m passing it along to all my friends and family too.

  4. Ann says:

    Thanks, Ms. Keister, for the info! You’re right: it’s getting harder and harder to really see everything on facebook. It’s the way the system doesn’t know that X has posted also posted by Y. It’s too bad facebook doesn’t work on this kind of thing while working so frantically to give people what they don’t want. But that’s just me.

    I know social media is the in thing right now, but I’m still of the opinion that a postcard and stamp are the way to go.

    Interesting how the letters to paypal and ebay must be sent by USPS.

    Thanks again!

  5. Elizabeth Nadler says:

    Thanks for this Danielle. I have several people to forward this to, and I didn’t see it on FB.


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