Would You Give Your Car Away for Free to Anyone Who Asked If They Could Have It?

If your car were to be stolen, would you think it was “a compliment” to you that the thief liked it so much he decided to take it for himself?

Is it a “compliment” when someone steals anything that belongs to you? No? Then stop saying such a completely ridiculous thing to those who have had their content stolen.

Stealing is stealing, whether it’s someone else’s words or belongings. They are both property, the latter being physical and the former being intellectual.

Your content is one of your most prize possessions in business. It’s supposed to be unique to you and you alone. It’s what helps differentiate you from the rest of the field. And clients do not want to see and hear the same things on everyone’s website and copy.

For someone to capitalize on YOUR content is illegal and creates unfair competition. So to those out there repurposing other people’s content, stop being a thief.

I would further advise people, it’s not even cool to ask people to use their content. Have the good manners not to put them in the uncomfortable/awkward position of having to tell you no.

If you do ask and they tell you no, be a grown-up. Just because you ask doesn’t give you any special rights nor is anyone obligated to say “yes” just because you ask.

It’s their property and they and they alone have the right to decide whether or not allow anyone to use their content. And in my opinion, they would be foolish to give that permission because it is not in the best interests of their business to do so whatsoever.

Here’s another way to look at this… are you going to give your car away just because someone likes it and asks if they can have it? That would be completely ridiculous, right? You might SELL them your car if the offer were good enough, lol.

Where do people get this crazy idea that they can just walk up and take content from your site, or that just because they ask, they are somehow entitled to be given your content free of charge? It’s ludicrous!

So maybe you help people realize what they’re asking by replying that you are paid good money for your writing skills, that your unique content is what differentiates you from everyone else and helps earn you business and clients, and that allowing others to copy it would dillute and diminish its power. But hey, if they want to PAY for your content or HIRE you to write them some content, maybe then there’s a conversation to be had.

(Trust me, they want to do neither.) 😉

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  1. Tracy Carson says:

    Exactly Danielle. I found myself not having the time to write proper content due to my full-time job taking up all my time. someone suggested I go to others sites and write take their verbiage. I was like – why? That’s not me, so guess what… I hired a writer and I am working with them to come up with my words for my website that I am building….and I am paying them for it. Start honest – end honest.

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