Dear Danielle: Should I Post Pricing on My Website?

Dear Danielle:

Quick question. Is it good business practice to place your price list and hourly fees on your website? Talanda Ferguson

It’s always the “quick” questions that are anything but, lol. Whether or not to post pricing on your professional service-based business website is a frequent topic of conversation and debate. It takes a bit more in-depth learning and education to understand why it’s not really a good idea when it comes to professional services.

I write about this topic frequently so I’m going to point you in the direction of a couple of my previous posts that will help you better understand the pros and cons and the reasons I advocate against posting rates:

Price Is NOT the Bottom-Line
Screening the Tire Kickers

Andy Beale, a well-known marketing consultant and blogger at Marketing Pilgrim, also wrote an excellent article on this topic. His article is directed toward the marketing industry, but the advice is relevant to any kind of professional service and consulting business, including Administrative Consulting:

Why Marketing Agencies Shouldn’t Publish Their Fees

I also want to mention that I’m not an advocate for hourly pricing. I didn’t invent the methodology, but I did introduce our industry to the concept of value-based pricing, and I originated the process for how to employ that methodology with ongoing support, which is what I really recommend you look into. You can visit my Value-Based Pricing Toolkit product page to view a video and learn more about why selling hours is actually killing your business.

Let me know if this helps. And do post your comments and questions so we can keep the discussion going. I’m particularly interested in hearing the reasons and concerns any of you have about why you think you need to post your fees. I may be able to shed some light and give you some info to see things from a different perspective that ultimately will help you earn better and gain better clients.

4 Responses

  1. Mrs. Monie L says:

    This is so true!
    I’ve often found that sometimes if you ask the client what they think the job is worth, they’ll quote a higher price than you would have charged. 🙂

  2. Bonjour Danielle,

    Merci beaucoup for the advices, this was extremely useful and very good insight for me to understand all the whys?. This shed a lot of light how clients perceive our online messages. Changed already. Have a great day!

    Kind regards.


  3. There are different schools of thought on this, but I personally feel that you should not post prices on your website. You want to shape your marketing and offers in such a way that people are really, really excited to work with *you*–which makes price almost irrelevant and allows you to charge much higher prices in the long run. You always want the focus to be on value rather than price.

  4. Truer words were never spoken! Thanks so much for joining in the conversation, Jen. 🙂

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