Happy 2012!

Happy New Year, everyone! My theme/word this year is EXUBERANCE and I’m really feeling it today–it’s absolutely gorgeous! What a great way to start the year off. Hope you had a great celebration, whether that was home with family and friends or out and about in the world! 🙂

There’s an annual polar bear plunge in my neck of the woods just across the bridge in the town of Olalla. Didn’t partake this year, but looks like everyone had a chilly good time (brrrrrrrrrrrrrr)!

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  1. Paula Pike says:


    I know it wasn’t that warm on your side of the state. I second BRRRRRR!

    Happy New Year!

    Don’t make resolutions make intentions, daily, weekly, monthly but make them.

    Paula Pike

  2. Hi over there in eastern WA, Paula!

    Ha ha, you’re right about that. It was freezing… gorgeous, but coooooold, lol.

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