Dear Danielle: Will Certification Make Me Look More Professional?

This question comes up frequently. And I often see  newcomers to the industry being preyed upon due to their mistaken belief that “certification will make me look more professional.”

The fact is, no one’s little piece of paper is going to make you look more professional.

The only thing that will make you look more professional is by DEMONSTRATING your expertise and competence and skills in everything you do.

That includes how your website looks, how you speak, your message, your business operations and processes… These are the things that make you look more professional.

In over 14 years of business, I have never once been asked by a client if I am certified. They simply do not care.

And it’s not something that ever occurs to them to ask when every other demonstration to them indicates that you are professional, credible, trustworthy and competent.

Sadly, many people will waste their precious time and money on certifications that will have absolutely nothing to do with getting clients and whether they succeed or fail.

I’ve written about this topic extensively on my old blog and have just moved all these posts over to the new blog here under their own category called “Certification Is a Joke.”

If you are thinking about paying for certification in our industry, read the posts I’ve written on this subject first.

4 Responses

  1. Emily Kyzer says:

    Amen! Can’t believe the money I wasted on that fallacy in the past year! We’re experienced, knowledgeable, skilled and business minded. No cute little button on your website will substitute that.

  2. Ms. Mattie says:

    This is right on time, I had almost decided against getting “certified” because of descrepancies in a few things the “certifier” was saying, this seals the deal that I wont do it or listen to “their” advice again. THANKS

  3. Ann says:

    I agree with you entirely. I have a bachelor of science degree in an unrelated field, and I have over 30 years as an administrative assistant in various industries. Consequently, I just couldn’t get my head around paying upwards of thousands of dollars to someone just so I could put letters after my name. That’s also part of the reason I couldn’t get myself to take the tests for the CAP designation, which is recognized by many and understood by few.

  4. Willi C says:

    Definitey agree! The only reason I am considering CAP certification is I actually wanted to educate myself on the test topics to help my career as an admin. I figured I might as well have a goal for all of the studying while working full time. Passing or failing the test isn’t really all that important. Sad that people work so hard on something that isn’t that important!

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