Responding to RFPs

Responding to RFPs is not the best way to get clients because it has you jumping through their hoops and “auditioning” rather than the other way around.

Responding to RFPs will have you expending exorbitant amounts of time and energy trying to land nickel and dime clients (who typically are really only looking for the cheapest bidder anyway) with no guarantee that you’ll even be chosen.

There are better ways, my friends!

Truly, the best way to get clients is to create your own pipelines  so that not only do you keep a steady flow of prospects coming to you (instead of you chasing after them), but also more ideal, better qualified prospects. This will also get them into your processes, instead of the other way around.

And you do that by focusing on a very specific target market.

Once you have that direction and know where you are setting your sights and energies on, it’s vastly easier to learn all you can about that market and understand it inside and out. You can then  figure out where those folks hang out online and off so that you can get in front them and interact together. When you know who you are talking to, you can identify their problems and obstacles more quickly and present your solutions to them in language they understand best.

Get involved in their associations. Join their online and in-person networking groups. Read their publications. Go to their functions. Write white papers for them. Gear your newsletter toward their interests. Offer to write a guest column in their industry publications. Look for opportunities to speak in front of their groups. The list goes on and on.

If you want off the hamster wheel, this is the very best, most fruitful path to getting ideal, retained clients and get them far more quickly and easily.

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