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Happy Labor Day!

Happy labor day!

I sure hope you are appreciating all that you bring to your work, your clients and the world.

I think we in the administrative support business totally embody what Seth Godin spoke about in his blog post today, Whatever Happened to Labor?

With so many businesses merely commoditizing work, the humanity of it, the skill and craft of it, gets lost, trivialized and dehumanized… thus, devaluing it.

However, with us, the relationship is our product and the work our craft, our art.

We are in business exactly as Seth states it: to use our hands, our backs and our heads to do work that helps our clients move forward and do important things in the world.

Our work is not menial. It’s not mundane or trivial. It’s important and requires skill and expertise and craftsmanship.

Having fun on a day like today is an expression of gratitude for being able to do just that. So go express yourself!