The Client Profile Sheet

One of the tools I offer the ACA Success Store is the Client Profile Sheet (FRM-06)

What this form does is create a central library of all the bits and pieces of business and personal info you would want to collect from/on a client (e.g., passwords you need to work with, birthday, special dates, etc.).

It’s actually two forms in one product — one sheet that the client completes and a separate internal form that tracks different info that you continue to update behind the scenes as you get to know each other organically. Sort of a client dossier, one that helps you nurture your relationship with that client and find opportunities to better personalize your care and give them a “wow!” experience.

For example: The client’s birthday. With that info, you can then add a reminder or to-do to your calendar (to repeat every year) that tells you when that date is near so you can send a card and/or gift.

Taking that a step further, you then learn in your conversations with this client about a special interest or hobby. You add that detail to your internal sheet. When gift time comes around, you’ve got a ready list of ideas.

And getting a card and/or special gift is much more fun, delightful and meaningful when the client realizes you made that effort, quietly and behind the scenes, to learn and care about him or her, what you enjoy, and then remembered.

It’s what I call the Red Carpet Treatment. It’s those small actions that mean so much and take that partnering relationship to a whole other level.

When I work with a new monthly retainer client, I keep that sheet out whenever we have our weekly phone meeting during those first months of working together.

During that phase, you are both learning so much about each other and this is the time to keep your ears perked for those details and write them down.

Hope that helps everyone!

3 Responses

  1. Cathey Kuhn says:

    Great advice again, Danielle! Jotting down things you learn as the relationship progresses is a great idea. As any support professional knows, the little things really do count, and they’ll appreciate you even more – like discovering someone’s preference for a certain hotel, having GPS in their rental car, or chocolate!

  2. More excellent ideas, Cathey! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Love this idea! Brilliant!!!! I will be purchasing the business pack very soon!!!!

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