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Dear Danielle: How Do I Find Virtual Assistant Jobs?

Dear Danielle:

How do I find Virtual Assistant jobs? –SH

From your question, I’m thinking you might not be understanding a few things.

Virtual assistance is not a job. It’s a business.

As a virtual assistant, you don’t look for “jobs.” You look for clients.

And you do that like any business does: by marketing and networking.

To be sure, this is not small task. It’s a process and area of ongoing learning.

But that’s where everyone has to start once they decide to go into business for themselves.

Your question may also indicate that you really haven’t done much or enough reading and research yet on your own.

So where I would recommend you start is by reading everything you can about the industry, including the back posts on my blog here. Once you do that, it should become clear where you need to adjust your understandings.

Of course, you may actually be talking about work-at-home jobs. If that’s the case, what you are talking about is telecommuting (which is employment), not virtual assistance (which is self-employed business). Two completely different things.

Using the proper terminology is very important, as you can see, because if you don’t, you won’t be understood, you’ll ask the wrong people the wrong questions, and you won’t find the right answers.

Which is the situation here since my blog is specifically focused on helping administrative experts grow stronger, more financially successful businesses, not find jobs.

I can’t help with you with telecommuting since that’s not this business is about.