What Do You Love About Your Favorite Client?

What is it about your favorite client that makes him or her your favorite?

My favorite client is easy to work and get along with.

He’s been my willing guinea pig whenever I want to try something new (because he knows his business will end up benefiting in the long run).

He’s funny and easy-going.

He responds quickly to all my emails and never keeps me waiting or guessing.

We have great brainstorming sessions and he readily asks for and takes my advice.

I feel respected as a professional and the administrative expert in our relationship.

We’ve had some ouches along the way, like when he had to pay more money to keep working with me.

In the end, though he might grumble a little at first, he always realizes he makes more money, and his life and business are a lot easier, because of my support and expertise.

We make a great team.

How about you? What makes working with your favorite client a joy?

6 Responses

  1. Working with my fav client is truly a partnership. She values my opinion and expertise, pays on time! (smile), and shares information with me that she receives from her network- which at times is information I would not get-unless I paid thousands of dollars to get! Love her! 😉

  2. Deb Gorham says:

    They trust me to know my business and do not try to micro-manage. They look over my qualifications prior to contracting me and understand I DO know what they need and take my advice seriously. Not just with admin. support but with their overall “look” and interactions with the media. It’s great when you have that “click” right off!

  3. Mirna Bajraj says:

    Thanks God, it is hard for me to decide who is my fav client… because the three of them are wonderful! I’m very lucky! But if I must choose just one, I could say that that one totally relies on my expertise, and also requests my opinion in a many different areas of his business. This makes me feel very highly esteemed. The relationship we have is a true partnership. I am learning a lot working with him because the business he runs is about a very interesting field. He pays on time also!!! 🙂

  4. Thankfully, like Mirna, I have more than one favorite client. My favorite clients are the ones who are prompt to communicate, prompt to pay,and who value my expertise. It’s important to me to be more than just another ‘hired hand’ but to be a partner with them in their endeavors; to strive for them to success.

  5. Debby Marcy says:

    Perhaps I might add “sends you a bunch of flowers totally out of the blue for a job which you thought was just part of the service you provided, but actually the client appreciated very much as above and beyond the call of duty.” But that just a minor point – in all others, you’ve taken the words right out of my mouth Danielle! Lucky me. I have several clients like this.

  6. Great stuff, Debby 🙂

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