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Rethink Your Mindset: You Are Not Anyone’s Assistant

If you’re in business, you aren’t anyone’s assistant.

Too many organizations are training Virtual Assistants to work with clients like nothing more than contract employees (and a contract employee is an employee, not an independent contractor which is simply another term for business owner).

This keeps them from growing and earning better.

You will keep yourself stuck if you continue to buy into that thinking.

Your value does not depend on you being an “assistant.”

Your value is that you are providing an experience and a body of administrative skill and expertise with the big picture goal of helping clients move forward in their businesses–with your specialty being administrative support.

You do not have to work with clients in an assistant’s role in order to accomplish that objective, and you can still have a very close and personal one-on-one relationship without working with clients like that.

Providing administrative support does not require you to be an “assistant.”

It is a profession, skill and expertise all its own.

As an Administrative Consultant, your role is not to work with clients as if you were a substitute for an employee or in-house assistant.

How and when you work with clients must necessarily be very different.

I call this providing strategic support. Even just a little helps them make incredible strides.