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Business Costs Money

I came across a Google Alert recently where a colleague posted to a forum about a certain font she needed to complete a project, mentioning that $25 for the font license was a bit steep.

I had to chuckle because I’ve paid hundreds of dollars for a single font.

I realize most people in our industry start their businesses on a shoestring rather than properly capitalized. Still, they have to understand that being in business does cost money.

There are going to be times when, if you want to be smart in business, you are simply going to have to cough up money. You can’t expect others to provide everything for free (just as you don’t want clients who expect you to work for free). 😉

That said, there are a couple things this colleague (or you) can do:

  1. Go ahead and purchase the font license. Think of it as an investment, not an expense. You’ll be able to use that font for future projects so it becomes an investment in your library of design resources. AND you can write-off the cost come tax time next year.
  2. Charge the client for the cost of the font license, particularly if you’re only purchasing it specifically for that client’s design project and not one you will ever use again. If the client doesn’t want to pay for the font, then you simply inform the client he or she must choose another font. It’s not your responsibility to bear their business expenses, and this is part of the cost of completing their design project. The choice is theirs.