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No One Can Guarantee You Clients

There are people who care about this industry, and then there are exploiters who only care about picking your pockets.

Look beneath the surface.

Are these people even in the business they are trying to teach you about?

Do they actually DO the thing they profess to have the knowledge about?

How can they be experts in our industry when they aren’t even in this business and don’t do what we do?

Don’t buy into slick marketing and promises too good to be true.

NO ONE can guarantee you clients.

When they start doing that, those are INTERNET MARKETERS and you had better run the other direction with your money because that’s all they are trying to get–is your money, any which way they can.

They will tell you whatever you want to hear because they prey on your desperation to believe it will be true.

They know that telling people they are guaranteed clients is what will make those folks salivate–and hand over their money–because that’s what they want and need most.

It is reprehensible and anyone trying to sell you that kind of BS is a dishonest, unethical slimeball.