Regularity is Necessary to the Relationship

One of the great things about working with an Administrative Consultant is that her interest is in supporting your business as a whole, the idea being that in understanding how your business runs, what your goals and objectives are, she can work with your business’s bigger picture in mind.

Why is that more helpful to you?

Because ongoing work and projects can be completed so they fit better and make more sense in the larger context of your business. In turn, it make your workflows more seamless, your systems more streamlined and efficient, and allows you to improve your service and communication with your own clients and customers.

When big picture support is what you’re looking for in an Administrative Consultant, regularity becomes a very necessary ingredient in building upon the relationship and creating continuity.

It’s the difference between “intermittent/transactional” support and “ongoing/systemic” support.

Here are some of the conditions needed to set the stage:

1. Work with an Administrative Consultant on retainer rather than task by task. When you make a commitment to work together in a continuous — not sporadic — basis, it allows your Administrative Consultant to gain perspective and understanding needed to focus on your overall goals and objectives instead of the merely the task at hand.

2. Think “big picture” rather than “transaction.” When you just hand off a task here and there transactionally, your Administrative Consultant can only get done what’s immediately before her. When you work together in an ongoing way, she begins to understand why certain tasks are done, where they fit into the overall scheme of things, how they affect other systems and processes, and how they might be done better or differently to fit in with what you’re ultimately trying to accomplish.

3. Meet regularly. An Administrative Consultant is going to have her own systems and process for working with clients that facilitate relationship-building. One of the way they do this is by meeting with clients over the phone on a regular basis. Be open to scheduling this into your weekly routine as it’s a critical component in getting to know each other and working together smoothly.

RESOURCE: Learn more about how Administrative Consultants support your business as a whole: Clients Guide to Administrative Consultants

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