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Veddy Interestink

You can draw your own conclusions, if there are any to be made, but I find this pattern very interesting (and it’s definitely a pattern)…

Our professional association is geared strictly and specifically for those in the administrative support business.

We are administrative experts. We specialize in providing ongoing administrative support to clients they work with in one-on-one, continuous relationships.

We spell out very clearly on our home page, registration page and a number of other places that we do not represent virtual staffing agencies, secretarial services or multi/team VA businesses (so please don’t try to join if you are running one of those businesses).

I don’t know how much more clear we can make it.

Nothing against those kinds of businesses, but they are completely different business models and not the same thing whatsoever.

They operate differently. They provide a very different solution from what we in the administrative support business provide. And they get to profitability and financial success in completely different ways.

Our work and our conversations are geared specifically and exclusively toward the folks who want to learn how to best run a solo practice working directly with clients one-on-one and becoming financially profitable and successful (don’t ever listen to those folks who say a six figure solo practice is impossible because it’s not!).

Yet, almost to a one, on the occasion when someone running a virtual staffing agency or multi/team VA business registers for our community, they are the ones who inevitably fail to follow directions and who it’s clear haven’t read a darn thing. Literally.

I could get rich taking bets that anytime a VSA registers, they aren’t going to follow directions. It happens nearly every. single. time.

And then they get indignant when they’re not approved.

For God’s sake, you can’t read, you don’t pay attention, you didn’t follow directions, you register anyway when the criteria clearly excludes you because you aren’t a solo administrative support provider who works directly with clients, and you want to get pissed off at us? How crazy it that? You’re the one wasting both our time.

On the other hand, those who are actually in the solo administrative support business consistently as a group demonstrate an ability to pay attention.

When they apply, it’s clear they have read the things that are indicated to be read because they subsequently follow directions correctly.

As a group, they show a superior command of spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

They exercise better judgment and discernment and they provide very articulate, intelligent, thoughtful responses to questions that are posed.

What a joy it is to deal with those folks! And what a joy it is to represent them as an organization!

If I was a client, I’d be very concerned about the competence and qualification of anyone who couldn’t demonstrate those things.

Look, if the criteria excludes you, it excludes you. Why waste your time and ours?

And if you can’t at least demonstrate competence with us by reading carefully and following directions, how can you expect us to represent you to the clients who comes to us seeking competent, qualified Administrative Consultants?

We can’t in good conscience tell the marketplace that we stand for a high standard of excellence if the people we accept are unable to operate to that standard.