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But I Only Need These Little Things Done

But I Only Need These Little Things Done

One of the things we in the administrative support business often hear from clients is some variation of the theme on why they keep trying to do everything themselves in their businesses:

“But I only need these little things done… they don’t take much time or effort or skill.”

“It’s just as easy for me to do it.”

“In the time it takes to me to email it, I could have gotten it done already.”

But here’s the thing… all those tiny moments can and do add up to huge chunks of time and energy — resources that are better spent building your business.

You see, the value in having an ongoing administrative support relationship with an Administrative Consultant isn’t in the tasks per se. It’s in what that Administrative Consultant’s support allows you to achieve and accomplish because you aren’t spending your own time laboring over details and implementation.

Think about it.

When you expend your time and effort on the “little things,” you are chipping away at those vital resources you need to tap into your creativity and stay focused and energized.

If you fritter those things away, you won’t have any left to spare. Ideas and products you’ve been meaning to get to languish forever on the back burner.

Plus, all those “little things” take up space in your head. They crowd out ideas and dilute the mental energy you need to take action.

By the time you get done taking care of them, you may not have anything left for the more important stuff.

You give away your critical thinking and brain space by trying to do it all yourself.

Don’t hang on to the “little things” because it’s “easier.”

It doesn’t matter how hard or how easy they may be. The point is to give them away so that you can move forward.

What are you trying to achieve in your business? Where do you want to focus your time and energy? What work or projects are you trying to get done?

The act of giving away the “little things” (along with big things, for that matter) can mean all the difference in (for example) whether or not you are able to work with x number of additional clients per month, create those new passive income streams, complete that program that will represent $x more in additional revenues, or write that new book that will generate more publicity, establish authority in your field and increase your expert status.

And the greatest thing about all this is that you don’t have to remain a prisoner to this thinking.

An Administrative Consultant can unshackle you from your administrative burdens. All you have to do is let go. It really will set you free to soar in your business.

RESOURCE: For more about what you can gain by working with an Administrative Consultant, be sure and read the ACA Client Guide article, “The Benefits of Support: Why Getting Administrative Support is Critical to Your Business Success.”

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