Thank You to Our Members!

What a fantastic experience our first teleseminar was!

Everything went smoothly and there was such great energy on the call.

I want to thank all the wonderful colleagues who attended. You really made my day!

Such smart people with smart questions. You were a fabulous audience!

And congrats, Tracy Carson, on winning the drawing for the free Activity & Time Analysis Tool. Let me know how you end up using it in your practice.

Thanks again for attending, and if you ever have any questions about the administrative support business and marketing, feel free to submit those here.

See you next time!

9 Responses

  1. I missed the live call, but as a Premier Member, I have access to the recorded teleseminar. I just finished listening to it and I have to tell you that it’s fabulous! I took notes and got some great insight. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Danielle, you shared some powerful concepts with us at last night’s seminar. I intend to put those concepts into practice immediately. The thing I really love is that the information you shared will be of benefit to me and the client. Thank you!

  3. Susan Myers says:

    Hi Danielle,

    I am so glad that I was able to attend your teleseminar on Thursday night. I thought you had some great information to share regarding teaching the client to delegate. What I liked most about the call is when you went off the subject and directly answered the questions we were asking you and related it to how you do it in your business. I thought you were the most comfortable when sharing this information. Looking forward to next months’ call.

  4. Ana Lucia Novak says:

    I really enjoy receiving the your posts. They are very insightful!

  5. Hi Danielle – I enjoyed listening to your recorded teleseminar this Saturday afternoon… I was too sick to make the live recording.

    I find it delightful that you did your own and quite honestly (and from the perspective of a “newbie”), I prefer your presentations over the others. Why? Because when I listen to them and sign up for their mailing lists, etc., it pulls me away from the base. It can be distracting to entertain the other speakers, but in time I’ll incorporate them into the mix. I think that you have such an array of tools and resources to equip those who are just starting out and the more experienced Virtual Assistants, so you could never run dry on discussion topics if you continued to give the teleseminars yourself.

    So here’s a vote for more “Danielle Seminars!” Great job!

  6. Lisa Humphries says:

    Excellent teleseminar, thanks Danielle. The concept of taking charge of the delegation process is very powerful, and I particularly liked the observation that clients dump lots of work at once because of overwhelm, or not knowing how to delegate, or viewing the relationship in wrong context, and that even if they don’t know it, clients are in effect hiring us to teach them how to delegate as well as handle their admin work.

  7. Karen Williams says:

    I have had a chance to look over the forms that I have purchased from you and I have actually found them to be EXTREMELY useful for my business.

    I want to also take this opportunity to tell you that you did a wonderful job on your first teleseminar last week. I really enjoyed it and was able to use key points that were mentioned for my own personal benefit.

    Please keep up the professional work and much success for you and your business. I look forward to future seminars. I will definitely be in touch.

  8. Robert Fronk says:

    Hi Danielle. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me, a small business owner, to listen in the other night. I must say, you changed a few of my preconceptions about a Virtual Assistant. In the future, if my business grows to the point I can afford to hire a Virtual Assistant, I’ll look at them as a fellow business owner, and not just an employee to dump things on. In my humble opinion, you should invite more small business owners to your calls. Perhaps they would see their Virtual Assistants in a different light.

    Thanks again.

  9. Claudette says:

    Just wanted to say great call! Your first was a success. I look forward to more. I am in the pre-launch stage of my business and have virtually met a few colleagues and they have all been generous and genuine in sharing their knowledge. I am a spiritually-guided person and this feels good!

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