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Team DoubleClick Has It Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

What is with these virtual staffing agencies calling what they do virtual assistance?

What they do is farm out workers to companies and individuals who are their clients, not the worker’s.

That isn’t virtual assistance in any way, shape or form.

And they’ve got these people completely snowed. Hello, people! They aren’t your clients if they belong to someone else, if you’re punching someone else’s time clock, and you are reporting to and being supervised by someone else.

Sorry, but a virtual assistant is NOT a virtual employee.

Virtual employees are telecommuters, and they are subject to the same laws of the land as any other kind of employee (and which are pretty consistent throughout the U.S. and Canada to the U.K. and Australia).

You cannot employ workers without complying with employment laws and taxation. At least not legally. It’s called illegal misclassification of employees.

Not only that, but I think this company is totally full of shit. I think the numbers they purport to have are a big fat lie, and they change their story constantly. One minute its 10,000; in the very next breath its 50,000.

They are a staffing agency, just like any brick and mortar staffing agency. And those who work for staffing and temp agencies are employees of those agenices–not independent contractors or subcontractors. The IRS catches up with employers who misclassify workers sooner or later.

Many of their former workers have realized this as well. Some posts of interest:

(You’ll notice that as soon as the poor feedback started coming in, they’d send in their stooges to post ”glowing reviews” in an attempt to refute the complaints.)

On top of that, they say they have a stringent virtual assistant interview process. That’s really scary…

Just take a look at the comments on this post and you tell me if these people come across as competent, skilled and articulate. Most them can’t spell, punctuate properly or form a coherent sentence.

These are the people they are professing to be the best of the best in the virtual assistant industry?

Not even close! And that’s the thing that bothers me the most.

They do not represent virtual assistance; they don’t know what virtual assistance is.

Call yourself what you are (a virtual staffing agency) and stop confusing our marketplace. You are NOT a virtual assistant firm.

In the U.S., if you feel you’ve been misclassified as an independent contractor and have been required to submit to supervision and other employer governances, but been deprived of usual and rightful employment benefits, including social security, medicare and other legally required employer contributions, all you have to do is complete and mail an IRS Form SS-8.