Dear Danielle: How Do You Handle Client Communication Preferences?

Dear Danielle: How Do You Handle Client Communication Preferences?

Dear Danielle:

This is a question related to your blog post on Feb. 10, “Do you want a job or a business?” You talk about having clients send you their work requests and communications via email. What do you do if that’s not their preference? What if they prefer verbal communications? –TS

I don’t work with them. 😉

That’s the short, sweet, simple answer.

Here’s why…

This is about ideal clients.

There are all sorts of criteria that go into an ideal client profile. These are the standards and characteristics that make a client a good fit for you and your business. The ability to work easily with you according to how things work in your business should be one of the items on your list.

It’s important for us a service providers to make sure there is a great fit or we’ll soon find ourselves burned-out and resentful.

You can’t work with everyone. You aren’t going to enjoy working with everyone. And there are just some clients who aren’t going to be profitable to work with because they can’t or won’t mesh with the policies, processes and protocols you have set up in your business that allow you to run efficiently, effectively and profitably.

Not to mention, the ability to give all your clients equally nothing but your most outstanding support. You can’t do that if you’re working with clients who tax your systems and standards.

It’s about finding the best fit, not trying to make a fit out of everyone. Don’t try to make square pegs fit into round holes. Leave those clients for someone else.

Clients who are able to work well within the framework of my business are the ones who will be easiest and most profitable to work with.

Constant verbal communication is costly. It interrupts workflow and concentration.

If I have to make exceptions or special accommodations for a client who prefers verbal communication, it creates more administration and work for myself, and impedes my ability to get things done quickly and efficiently for all my clients.

I’m about doing my best work and making money with the greatest amount of ease. Working with clients who don’t fit creates a “drag” in my business and makes things harder and slower, which is neither efficient, profitable nor smart.

You don’t have to take on every client who comes your way (nor should you). If they aren’t satisfied with a weekly scheduled telephone call and are unwilling or unable to use email as the primary mode of communication, you don’t have to work with them.

Find the right clients to work with, the ones whose temperaments, savvy and abilities fit best with how you run things in your business, and everything in your work together will be much easier and smoother — and more profitable — all the way around.

Not only that, but when things are easy in your business, it creates for you more time, more freedom and more  “space” and flexibility. Why would you want to work any other way?

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