Never Place Cost Above Value in Business

Never place cost above value in business.

Successful people do not pinch pennies, and they certainly don’t pinch a loaf when it’s time to pay for something of value.

It never ceases to amaze me how people in our industry and other small business owners will waste hours and hours of time to save a nickel. It’s the height of penny-wise and pound foolish.

I’ve seen people mulishly refuse to part with $30, $15, even $10 a month on something that could literally save them thousands upon thousands of dollars in time, energy and labor. That’s just plain dumb!

God gave you a brain; use it. And don’t give me any excuses about not having any money.

First of all, business costs money (at least in some amount); get used to it. Only idiots will tell you any differently.

Second of all, when there is a tool or solution you can invest in that will elevate your business image, improve your operations and profitability, and free up more of your time to work with clients (and make more money), come hell or high water, you find the money somehow, some way to get that thing.

Complaining about money is for victims and people who shouldn’t be in business.

This is why I’m always preaching to never be a cheapskate.

If you are a cheapskate in your business, you’re going to attract cheapskates as clients. That’s just the law of the universe.

You’ll also deliver a cheapskate service. If you don’t understand value in the same way that quality clients do, you’ll never be able to sell it to them.

If a solution allows you to automate, operate more efficiently and profitably, get in front of more clients or make more moolah than it costs, THAT’S value.

And value doesn’t require that it necessarily be instant or on-demand.

Plus, something that is of value is an investment, not an expense (not to mention a tax write-off). An investment is something that adds to or enhances your business and service rather than taking away from it.

Not only do Administrative Consultants need to be looking at the tools they review for use in their businesses in this way, it’s also how they should be talking to clients about their administrative support. ;)

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