Grateful Mondays: New Adventures

I have some news to share and it’s all happened so fast, I don’t even know where to start. You wouldn’t believe the turn of events in my life that have transpired over the last several weeks.

If you are a reader of my blog, you may remember my post not too long ago that talked about my guy’s retirement (yeah right… I was naive to think my workaholic would really retire for good). He’d been pretty burnt out with all the travel and hard work of his old job (ME, TOO!).

However, after only being “retired” a brief moment in time, he ended up taking on an engineering job with an international fishing corporation because the money was just too good to pass up and he only had to work three months on and then have three or more months off.

We went through a lot of fighting about that. He actually had been offered this opportunity about a year previously. I’d been saying “no” to the idea from day one. I wasn’t happy about it because I don’t care how good the money is, it’s just too much time apart.

But my guy is stubborn. He is money-making mo-chine and when he sets his mind to something, although my womanly wiles work on lot of things (okay, most things, LOL), there are just other things he absolutely digs his heels in about. So I had to relent and just let him have this experience and make the best of it. He ended up being gone April through mid July and it was really hard on me.

Well, he got home and he had absolutely hated that job–much to my happiness!!! We’ve been having such a blast travelling and doing fun things since he got back. I was really getting used to him being home all the time and not having to work.

Well, the company he used to work for is an international outfit and they contacted him to see if he’d be interested in a shop job for one or two years in Germany (he is from Germany). They work a regular work week, the money is amazing and there’s no travel involved (maybe once or twice during the entire year, if at all). So it’s a really cush job in terms of the work he does.

Long story short, we have bought a condo in Mannheim. My guy left today and I’m leaving December 5 to join him and stay through January (possibly February). However, I’m not a citizen so I can only stay for three months and then have to leave for a certain amount of time before I can return for another three months.

Anyway, it’s all been hustle and bustle over here these past few weeks getting the cabin prepared for winter. We’ll have a housesitter (a good friend who has lived here on the beach before) and, of couse, my daugher will be checking in on things and continuing to work for me while we live abroad.

I’m definitely going to be learning how to truly make the business portable. I’ve only done this in the states where it’s been nothing to login remotely onto my computer or our intranet and work on the road, so it’s going to be a learning experience to see how I can make this work away from the office internationally for long periods of time.

I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures and experiences (and pix) with you. I’m going to be putting my Vonage V-Phone to work (it plugs into any computer and allows you to talk anywhere within your service area for free as if you were still here in the US) and I’m thinking about getting an Earth Class Mail account, too.

If you have any tips and tricks for preparing and travelling internationally as well as practical ideas for running the business from a different time zone while all my work and clients are in the US, I’d love to hear from you. Just post your comments here as I’m sure the conversation will be helpful to anyone reading.

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  1. Silvia says:

    Hi Danielle,

    If I can assist with any info about traveling etc. just give me a buzz.. Hell, give me a buzz anyways when you are in Mannheim 🙂

  2. Silvia!!! I’m so happy to hear from you! Where on earth have you been?! Your ears must have been burning because I was totally going to email you this week! What have you been up to, girl?

  3. Elsbeth says:

    Hi Danielle,

    If you go to Mannheim in December make sure you visit the “Weihnachtsmarkt” by the “Wasserturm.” I’m from Weinheim, 10 miles away from Mannheim. If you need any information let me know. Sure looking forward to your stories.

  4. How cool, Elsbeth! My man is German (from Mannheim) as well so he’ll know exactly what you are talking about.

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