Dear Danielle: Where Can I Get a Replacement

Dear Danielle:

Its not easy to find a virtual assistant. Do you go for a one person operation or do you use a company that can offer replacements if your VA has the flu. –DA

Here’s what seems to be the tricky part for folks to understand about virtual assistants. They aren’t employees and they aren’t temps.

So maybe to help you better understand the relationship, it might help to switch the question around:  Do you offer “replacements” to your clients when you get the flu?

Sometimes businesses are closed for whatever reason. Avirtual assistant is not going to be working with you in the same capacity as an employee so it should not matter if they get the flu or go on vacation.

Your business shouldn’t be dependent on whether ANY of your service providers happens to be closed or sick or whatever.

It’s not the role or responsibility of a virtual assistant to keep your operations going. That’s your job.

If that’s what you need, then what you really need is an employee, not a VA.

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