Grateful Mondays: Happy Labor Day

I have a lot to be grateful for, I surely do.

I constantly marvel at what a blessed life I live. I literally am happy every single day.

I love my work and find so much meaning and purpose and fun in what I do… for myself, for my clients and for the world at large.

I am personally and intellectually stimulated every day.

I’ve created a business that is easy and uncomplicated to operate, that has a huge margin of profit, and at the same time gives me great freedom and flexibility (these last two are due to smart business practices and operations, as well as devising and sticking to my standards and policies).

I make fantastic money and work with some smart, witty, fun, cool-ass clients who challenge and motivate me.

I wake up according to my natural clock.

I can take a nap when my energy tells me to.

I get to take off for long weekends and vacations when we feel like it.

My business and lifestyle allow me to take great care of myself and go on a walk, hike or bike ride every day.

These things and more are what I’m celebrating today! How about you?

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