Dear Danielle: Do I Need to Charge Sales Tax on My Services?

Dear Danielle:

Do I need to charge sales tax on my services? –AM

This is a tax and legal question, not a question for your colleagues.

When it comes to tax and legal questions, you need to talk to the proper professionals.

No matter how well intentioned or experienced, your colleagues’ advice may or many not be accurate, especially since the laws and requirements in every country, state and locality are going to vary and not necessarily be the same as those where you operate.

Your reliance on inaccurate information could then put you in noncompliance and cause you problems, maybe even get you into hot water.

What you want to do instead is ask the appropriate governing agencies in your state and locality.

That might be your state’s Department of Revenue (or equivalent) and your city or county tax and licensing departments.

Whatever those agencies are, they will be the place to get the most accurate information on the matter.

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