Dear Danielle: What Is the Best Salary Structure to Offer Potential Employees

Dear Danielle:

I am very new to the Virtual Assistant business world. I have a question about hiring employees. I am a sole proprieter and would like to hire virtual recruiters, administrative assistants and sales/promotional/marketing staff. What is the best salary structure to offer potential employees? So many people are burned by work-at-home scams, I want to be able to offer a reasonable salary to potential virtual staff without insulting them with minimum wage or hiring them as independent contractors. What do other Virtual Assistant business owners do? —CT


What you need to do is talk to an accountant and bookkeeper.

Employers are governed by both federal and state laws. You will have employee, payroll and tax withholding and reporting obligations you are required to meet so it’s imperative that you get the correction information on this from your own local (city, county, state) agencies as well as the IRS.

Talking to an accountant will get you started in the right direction.

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