Be an UN-Cola

As an organization founder, I’m in a position to view lots of new colleague websites.

In the last year, I’ve been noticing website after website using the new, and apparently free, Microsoft Live templates.

Granted, having a website is better than having no website at all, but in this case, not by much.

Folks, I gotta tell ya, this is not the way to go.

If you want to do yourself and your business a favor, at your very first opportunity, hire a professional to design a proper business website for you, one that conveys some uniqueness, personality and professional gravitas.

A custom-designed website (read non-template that is quickly recognized as such and makes you look like everybody else) is one of the easiest ways to position your business apart from the crowd and give clients a reason to choose you.

Clients also correlate the presentation of your business website with your business, skills, competence and what it will be like working with you. Presenting a lazy, template-based website makes them think your work will be like that as well.

If you are serious about your business and getting clients, it’s one of the smartest investments you can make.

And since we’re on the topic, stop plagiarizing each other, for gosh sakes!

Not only will you find yourself in hot water with your colleagues, but I can’t tell you how many clients have complained to me that “all their websites look the same and same the exact same thing!”

Blending into the crowd and conforming to the pack is NOT what is needed in business.

You give no reason for client’s to choose you when you are parroting the same message over and over. They are looking for your unique value proposition. When all you do is say the same thing as everyone else, you become invisible to them, just more noise.

To stand out, you’ve got to start thinking for yourself, creating your own brand and putting your own unique personality and voice to what you do.

Stop looking at everyone else’s website for words to copy. Be an un-cola!

2 Responses

  1. Tina Hilton says:

    While I agree that using a true hosting service for websites is ideal, sometimes when starting up it isn’t possible to do so. Microsoft Office Live is a starting point, albeit a limited one. It is possible to add a logo and a bit of pizazz to the free website. I’ve actually gotten several comments on the smooth interface and professional image of my website. And yes, it’s one of the free sites. It just took a little time and tweaking. Entrepreneurship is all about ingenuity. Many virtual assistants are probably in the same financial boat as I am and the fact that someone offers a free website with the ability to register our own domain name is a huge benefit. But you’re right, it is all about being unique, even when you’re using a ‘template’ you need to find something that sets you apart and always use your own words.

  2. This post is about professional business web design and getting, not hosting. 😉

    Since you brought it up, though, domains and hosting don’t cost that much (roughly $10/year and $10/month respectively). Those are mere pennies in terms of business economics. If they can’t afford that, they are not prepared whatsoever to be in business. Those are the least expensive things to pay for in a business.

    Business simply costs money and I’m not here to enable poor excuses. I’m here to prepare them for success and sustainability with the hard facts and realities.

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