You Get Back What You Put In

I always have to chuckle at folks who are so shocked when their inquiries are not met with fawning attention.

What am I talking about?

We get hundreds of requests for membership to my Virtual Assistant association each month. Not everyone is a fit because we have a very defined, specific scope of who we represent. Who is not a fit is often made painfully clear to us.

For example, we sometimes have people apply for membership who can not spell. And I’m not talking about a typo here or there—-we’re seeing stuff sometimes that literally borders on illiteracy. It’s very sad, but we can’t help those folks, and our organization can not and will not represent them.

We sometimes get folks who clearly are not Virtual Assistants, although they think they are. Sorry, but if you’re in the web design business, you’re a web designer, not a Virtual Assistant, and the same goes for bookkeeping, transcription and transaction-based secretarial services.

We also sometimes get folks who don’t bother to read the instructions, and then want to consume our time with questions that are already clearly answered on that page.

You get back what you put into this life. And in this same vein, if someone can’t be bothered to read what we’ve outlined so that they know what steps to take and what will happen next in membership process, we aren’t going to be bothered to assist them.

As professional Virtual Assistants, you are going to be called upon to utilize critical thinking. You need to pay attention. You need to be masterfully skilled. And to have courtesy extended to you, you have to extend that courtesy in the first place (such as reading the information that is clearly indicated to you to read).

We have standards around competence and quality, folks. You are absolutely not entitled to waste someone else’s time. And no client is going to waste a precious second of their time, energy and dollars on anyone who doesn’t have the competence to pay attention and demontrate professionalism and copetence.

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