Observations on the Differences Between Professionals & Wannabes

In my position as an industry leader and mentor, I’m in daily contact with all kinds of folks in our industry and those who would like to enter our ranks.

From this vantage point, I’m afforded a very unique perspective of the vast differences between those who are qualified and those who really aren’t.

There is a chasm of difference between someone truly qualified to be in this business and do this work, and those who think all they need is a computer, fax and telephone line in order to enter the field.

People with the qualifications to be in this industry earned their knowledge and skills working in administrative capacities in the workplace, most often for many years, before starting their administrative support business.

You don’t get the same questions from qualified professionals that you do with those who have little or no administrative experience. The latter ask the most rudimentary of questions, indicating they are still learning things that are the most basic requisites for providing professional services.

When clients hire us, they aren’t looking to train us. Professionals who are in business are expected to already have a professional-level command of the services they are hired to perform.

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