Dear Danielle: I HATE Answering Phones. Do I Have To?

Dear Danielle:

It seems like a lot of business owners want someone to answer phones. I HATE answering phones. Is there a way to get around this? –GF

I with you! I hated being chained to a phone when I was an employee, and I darn sure had no intention of being a receptionist in my business, lol.

Our industry has had a lot of terrible marketing. As a result, clients come to the table thinking we’re going to be just like their old admin assistant. What they need to understand is that we are not receptionists or call center operators. And you don’t need to be one, either, if that’s not what you want your business to be.

In my observations of new business owners in our industry, I see them thinking they need to be and do everything for clients. They end up trying to offer every conceivable service under the sun. And it backfires on them.

My advice is to stick with the work and support you love doing and are best at. Don’t bother with anything that negatively impacts your business model or the quality of life you want for yourself.

Because as the saying goes, if momma ain’t happy (that’s you, lol), ain’t nobody gonna be happy (much less get anything of value from you).

If you can’t or don’t offer a certain service or area of support yourself, you can still be of help by referring clients to businesses or resources that do.

Why be the architect of your own unhappiness by creating a life where you dread waking up each day to work you loathe doing? (You can get a job for that!)

If you don’t want to answer phones for clients, don’t offer that service. Simple as that.

Remember, you aren’t meant to replace every single support function in a business. What you’re providing is strategic support. You don’t have to meet every single client need in order to still be a great help and value to them. 😉

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  1. DF says:

    Great advice Danielle! I am still developing and separating my likes and dislikes when it comes to my business. I want to come out strong and this article was particularly helpful in the phone answering matter.

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