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UPDATE 4/9/14: 500 participants. The survey is now closed. The report will be compiled soon and distributed to those on the mailing list who participated.

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Since 2006, the Administrative Consultants Association has been conducting an annual industry survey for the purpose of taking a representative, group snap-shot of those who are in the business of providing ongoing administrative support on a partnering basis. The survey covers the categories of:

  • Individual Demographics
  • Education, Experience & Credentials
  • General Business Demographics
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Employees & Subcontractors
  • Clients
  • Hours
  • Services
  • Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Success, Profitability & Entrepreneurship
  • Training & Continuing Education

Judging from past years, we expect the report to be around 75–100 pages. It will definitely be chock-full of helpful, fascinating, eye-opening data. If you've participated before, there are some new questions, and I'm sure you'll find it really interesting to compare with previous years' results.

Here's the skinny...

This is an online survey—you take it right on your computer screen. There are 97 survey questions, nearly all of them multiple-choice, and 2 optional questions. This makes the survey very fast-paced and only takes most people about 14 minutes to complete.

Who may take the survey...

Anyone who is specifically and primarily in the business of ongoing administrative support and works with clients in one-on-one collaborative partnering relationships. Only those who meet our survey criteria are eligible to complete the survey in full.

This is NOT a survey for anyone and everyone. If you are really more of a bookkeeper, web designer, marketing consultant, social media expert, etc., this is not a survey for you as those are separate, distinct professions in and of themselves and not the same thing. Hey, if you're not a doctor, you wouldn't try to take a survey intended for physician's, right? Same thing.

Likewise, this is not a survey for those who are running virtual staffing agencies or "multiple" or "team VA" businesses. Completely different business model and relationship and, again, not the same thing. If your business model is to get the work and farm it out to others, you are running a staffing business and not eligible to participate in our survey. We are only looking to survey those who predominately do the work themselves and work directly with their own clients.

Also, to be clear about our definitions, a solopreneur is not someone who works alone. As a solopreneur, it simply means that you are the craftsman in your business. When clients hire you, it is for your brain, your skill and expertise, and your unique creative and critical thinking abilities. You might have staff, other professionals and even your own Administrative Consultant supporting you in your business and helping take care of some of the behind-the-scenes load, but you are the one who works directly in one-on-one, collaborative relationship with your clients. This is who our survey is for.

You must meet the survey criteria and complete the survey in full to receive the free report once the results are compiled.

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When Will the Report Be Distributed?

The report will not be compiled and sent out until we meet participation goals. Please do not email us asking when it will go out. We provide an ongoing tally of participation at the top of this page. Bookmark this page and come back to it whenever you want to check on participation progress.If it's not going fast enough for you, then do something about that. Be a part of the solution! Do your part in spreading the word and tell all your administrative support business colleagues know about the survey and give them the link. The sooner we make goal, the sooner you get your copy of the report. ;)

Who Will Get the Survey Results?

Only those who complete the survey in full and are subscribed to the survey mailing list will get the report once it is released. If you did not follow the directions and failed to sign up to the list, you will not get the report. If you unsubscribed from the list, you will not get the report. Period. Do not ask for exceptions.

Three Tips

1. Complete the survey in one sitting. If you stop mid-way, the survey will think you've already completed it once and won't let you take it again or resume where you left off. This is to help us avoid duplicate submissions.

2. Complete the survey on a desktop or laptop computer. We haven't done any testing on smartphones, iPads, etc., and can't guarantee that the survey will work or that you'll be able to complete it in full on those platforms without any glitches.

3. Answer all questions on a page to move forward to the next. The survey recognizes when a question has been overlooked and will display a message at the top of the page to let you know. If you find you can't advance to a next page, this is the reason. Once you answer the missed question, you'll be able to move forward.

How to Get the FREE Results Report

  1. To get the free report, you must meet the survey criteria above and complete the survey in full.
  2. At the end of the survey, there is a link taking you to the sign-up page to add yourself to the mailing list. This is the ONLY way you will get the report. If you do not add yourself to the mailing list, you will NOT receive the report.

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We respect your privacy! The survey itself is completely anonymous and confidential so that you can be totally candid in your responses. Since we don't collect any identifying information in the survey, the mailing list is the only way we can smoothly and easily manage the huge task of getting the report out to everyone who participated. We really, really want you to get your copy so don't forget that last step. It is the ONLY way you will get the report. :)

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