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How much time and angst have you spent already trying to get your business together?

Or maybe you're already in business, but realizing it could be improved by learning how to do just a few things differently.

Let me cut that time in half for you.

The ACA Success Store offers you all the ROCK-SOLID, KEY business pieces and self-paced study guides you need to ramp up your successful administrative support business.

You can begin to change your life and business, right now, today

  • Fast and easy start-up
  • Instant download
  • Save TONS of time.

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When I say the ACA Success Store has everything you need, that's not some cheesy marketing line. You don't need everything in the world anyone could ever dream up to sell you. And you especially don't need a bunch of fluff and padding that just adds to your overwhelm.

What you need is just the RIGHT information and tools to set your business up properly and learn the important skills you need to be successful more quickly and easily than trying to do it (slowly, blindly) all by yourself.

And that's exactly what you'll get here. Education is the great equalizer. Armed with the RIGHT tools and education you get only from the ACA, you, too, can enjoy a business that brings you happiness, money and the ability to live the life you choose.

These products will save you TONS of time, energy and money. Plus, everything is delivered by instant download (links sent to you by email) so there's no waiting. You can literally set up your business TODAY.

Who Am I?

Danielle Keister. Business Catalyst. Founder of the Administrative Consultants Association.To quickly recap from the Home page, my name is Danielle Keister (pronounced Kī-ster, not KEE-ster, but please call me Danielle) I've been in the administrative support business since 1997, when I officially took out my business license after doing this work on the side for many years.

My expertise comes from an administrative background spanning 30+ years, nearly 20 of those running my own administrative practice where I specialize in supporting solo and boutique lawyers in intellectual property and business/entertainment law.

Since 2004, it's also been my privilege and honor to be a highly-regarded business expert and mentor in our industry. Besides my business savvy and straight-talking, no-nonsense style, I believe people are attracted to the authenticity and integrity of my expertise. I teach people as someone who still actively owns and operates a successful practice.

A couple points I feel are important to share with you

  1. I don't sell ebooks. What I offer here is sophisticated business and marketing training and education... the kind of training that teaches you how to command fees that equate to $75-100+ an hour... the kind of training and education that show you how you can work a 20-hour week making $5000+ a month... the kind of training and education that show you how to get exactly the kind of clients you want and nearly every single one to say "yes" to working with you. Instead of spending months or years in a classroom, what I've done for you is package up all my own education, expertise and years of experience running a successful practice and distilled it down into a simple, easy-to-understand, self-paced components-based program of business start-up and improvement.
  2. My products are not "cheap" because you aren't buying junk. I don't do junk. This is industry-leading training and information second to none. My heart and soul—not to mention 20+ years experience and expertise—go into each and every product. I pride myself on them being the most comprehensive and substantive products in the industry that truly help people create joyful, freedom-filled, financially successful businesses. There's a lot of garbage out there (quite often from people who are new themselves and not qualified to be educating anyone), which is why you pay peanuts for it. You get what you pay for. My products on the other hand are actually vastly underpriced. I simplify complex business concepts into easy-to-grasp learning that you can implement immediately in your business. You would literally pay thousands of dollars anywhere else, in any other platform, for the high level of quality, thoroughness, and actionable information and learning you get from my products. In that respect, they're a bargain and absolutely the best value for your money.

"What should I start with?"

This is a question I'm asked fairly often. Without knowing what stage you're at in your particular business journey, it's difficult for me to say. You're really the best person to determine that.

Here's the thing... each and every product plays a specific, vital role in the business set-up as a whole. That's because your business is a whole, living organism. What you do in one area of your business involves and affects every other part. That's why your interests will be served best by getting my complete system (The Whole Shebang, Set-03) instead of bits and pieces of it.

The Whole Shebang (Set-03) is also your best value because you get ALL the products at a steeply reduced price PLUS several free bonus products that can't be purchased individually or with any other sets.

If you are unable to purchase Set-03, the other option is to purchase individual items spread out over the course of time as you are able. The drawback to that, however, is that you don't get any of the bonus items that only come with Set-03.

If you need to purchase products individually over the course of time, what I can tell you that might help give you some direction is that the products are divided into two categories:

  • SET-01: Practical forms, tools and contract templates to set up your business and get running quickly and easily, some of which can be purchased individually; and
  • Individual business training guides to learn the critical skills you need to price and package your support, market, consult with clients and manage your practice smoothly and profitably.

Why buy our contract templates?

“I took the forms to my attorney and he thought they were the best he had ever seen!”

Those freebies and generic templates you find on the Internet at other organizations or office supply stores are FULL of legal holes that can (and will) cost you dearly. All my contract templates are top quality, having been tightly crafted and honed over nearly 20 years of business success and reviewed by my own business attorneys.

Each comes with helpful document instructions and useful explanations to help you better understand legal terminology and be a more successful businessperson.

Plus, you’ll save hundreds of dollars by having your attorney review them instead of drafting them from scratch.

What you pay for my products is a small investment in yourself and your business success that will pay for itself a thousand times over!

“The products I ordered were of great value for the money. I actually felt guilty for getting them at such a reasonable price.”

Consider all the time and money it costs you to start a business. A lawyer would charge you more to draft a single contract than what you'd pay for my entire program of products offered here.

And think of all time and headache involved in trying to create everything yourself from scratch. With my products, all the hard work, research and guesswork has been taken out of the equation, and it'll take you only a fraction of the time to get your business up and running.

Get started today and speed up your path to success–quickly, easily and confidently!

These products are the absolute best in the industry, the result of nearly 20 years of tried and true success and profitable business operation. You won’t find their caliber anywhere else in our industry.

They’ll save you a TON of wasted time, money, energy and unnecessary pitfalls in setting up and improving upon your strong business foundation. Not only are they a tax-deductible business expense you can claim on your next return, they’re one of the best investments in your business success you will make.

What to Do Next

Scroll down to view the product descriptions and sets available. Some products can be purchased individually; however, the sets will truly give you the best bang for your buck. You'll save a great deal of money and get products and bonuses that aren't available for individual purchase. Sign up to my blog and receive a special discount code good toward your first purchase.

24 Hour Upgrade Offer

Do You Need Private/Personal Help?

The products and guides offered here are self-study (do-it-yourself). If you need my personal help and support, you can book me for a private one-on-one consulting session here.

Set-01 Admin Consultant Biz Success Kit

Administrative Support
Business Set-Up Success Kit (SET-01)

SET-01 Administrative Support Business Set-Up & Success Kit

$149 (you SAVE $233)

Instant Download

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You get these 11 rock-solid foundation forms, tools and attorney-drafted contract templates PLUS 6 bonus products to start your business and begin working with clients today ($382 total value):

Administrative Support Business Plan Set


Administrative Consultant Business Plan Set

Why do you want to start a business? What values are important to you? How much money do you need to make? Who are you in business to help? How will you find clients? If you don't know where you want to go, how will you get there?

The Administrative Consultant Business Plan is your roadmap to success! Presented with proper formal business plan format and populated with example text, spreadsheets and figures you can customize and adjust for your own business. Shows you where you need to make decisions, establish policies and procedures, map out processes and determine how you will market and get clients. Gets you thinking through all the necessary details of your business so you can create super strong foundations for success.

Forget stiff, boring and traditional. This is a plan to help you envision what you want for your business—and your life!


  • Business Plan Template
  • Business Vision & Empowerment Planning Worksheet
  • Financial Worksheets
  • ACA Income & Pricing Calculator
  • ACA Intro to Biz Formations


Instant Download

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Retained Support Contract Templated support agreement


Retained Support Agreement

This is the contract to use when working with clients in an ongoing relationship of monthly support. Fully customizable with editable form fields. Easily add your own logo and branding.

$19 individually

Instant Download

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Per-Project Annual Agreement Contract Template


Per-Project Annual Agreement

This is the contract to use for one-time or occasional projects. Instead of having to go through the whole contract process with every single project, you simply have clients sign this terms and conditions agreement once a year to cover your standard policies, terms and conditions. Keep on file and renew annually as needed. You can then work on multiple projects, simply spelling out each project’s specs in your individual quotes, estimates and invoices without having to sign new individual contracts every time. Cuts down on tons of administrative time. So much easier for you and your clients!

$19 individually

Instant Download

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Client Profile Sheet


Client Profile Sheet

Keep all your important client data in one place, remind yourself about sending key documents. This form will also help you continue to get to know your clients and nurture your relationship with them.

$19 individually

Instant Download

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Credit Card Authorization Template


Credit Card Authorization Form

Tired of late payments from clients? Get paid on time every month with the Automatic Credit Card Authorization! Have clients sign this form to keep their credit card into on file and automatically process your payments every month. Particularly helpful with those clients you work with on a retained or regular basis.

$19 individually

Instant Download

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Client Feedback Form Template


Client Feedback Form

What are clients thinking about your skills and service? How well are you meeting their needs and expectations? Are you accomplishing your objectives for working together? This questionnaire gives you the tool to really find out and improve your service and increase client satisfaction with quantifiable measurements and free-form responses in several key categories.

This form is also designed to help you elicit testimonials, gain referrals and and create before-and-after case studies—all while better nurturing your relationship with clients. The information this form collects is gold for your business! Includes helpful tips, ideas and etiquette guidelines for soliciting feedback.

$19 individually

Instant Download

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Subcontractor Agreement Contract Template


Subcontractor Agreement

Have subcontractors work for you on occasion? Have them sign this form to help protect your business interests, maintain client confidentiality and protect your proprietary trade secrets. Includes confidentiality, non-disclosure and non-solicitation provisions to protect those all-important business assets—your clients, intellectual property and proprietary business information and processes.

$19 individually

Instant Download

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Client Confidentiality & Non Disclosure Agreement Contract Template


Client Confidentiality Agreement

Do you have trade secrets and other proprietary information you want clients to keep confidential? Have them sign this nondisclosure agreement to protect your systems, processes and other confidential information and intellectual property they may become privy to through the course of your work together.

$19 individually

Instant Download

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Market Research Telephone Survey Template


Market Research Phone Survey Template (FRM-05)

Stop the cold-calling! People hate being sold to these days. Instead, take an educational, investigative approach to conducting your business research so can better understand the needs, goals and challenges of your marketplace and what solutions to provide them with.You’ll gain valuable insight into the minds and needs of your target market while making first contact with them at the same time. Includes: Informative instructional article on conducting research interviews.

$19 individually

Instant Download

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Press Release Writing Guide


Press Release Writing Kit

Writing not your strong suit? This template, which uses a simple, effective, proven formula, will make it a snap to get the word out about your business, take advantage of online media outlets and increase your SEO and traffic to your website. Includes:

  • Editable press release template;
  • Press release guidelines and tips;
  • Press release anatomy;
  • Sample press release;
  • Press release resource list; and
  • Media list template in Excel format.

$19 individually

Instant Download

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Bookkeeping Set-Up Form Template


Bookkeeping Set-Up Form

If you provide bookkeeping in addition to your administrative support, this form will make your life a whole lot easier! Collects all the necessary information you need to set up a bookkeeping accounts (either for yourself or clients). Once you collect the info, entering the data is a breeze. Comes with protected form fields so you can hand it off to clients to fill-in on their computer and return to you fully completed.

$19 individually

Instant Download

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PLUS you get these 6 bonus products:

BONUS! Business Introduction Letter
BONUS! New Client Welcome Kit Guide
BONUS! Client Guide Template
BONUS! Referral Kit Guide
BONUS! Automated Excel Invoice Template
BONUS! Disaster & Business Continuation Plan

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Create a 3 Day Work Week!

NEW! Build a Website that WORKS! 1-2-3 Plug-n-Play System for Building Your Website and Crafting Your Unique, Irresistible, Education-Based Marketing Message that Attracts Well-Paying Clients Who Can't Wait to Work with You (GDE-40)

NOTE: Build a Website that Works (GDE-40) is the all new, improved and expanded guide that replaces Articulating Your Value (GDE-38)

Build a Website that WORKS!

PDF 103 PG PDF guide | Word Plug-n-PLAY worksheeT


Instant Download

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If you're like 98% percent of the people in our industry, you have a tough time getting clients (much less well-paying ones), am I right?

I'm hear to tell you a HUGE part of the problem is your website. Here's where most people go wrong: They try to make their website do too many things, wear too many hats, and offer anything and everything in the hopes that something will appeal to someone. And that's EXACTLY why they have so many problems getting ideal, retained client (or clients at all) and making money.

The Problems You Want to Solve

Think about the problems you have as a business owners in the administrative support industry:

  • Not knowing where to market and network.
  • Not knowing what to say in your marketing message.
  • Not getting any or enough clients and prospects despite all your marketing and networking.
  • Not getting the kind of prospects and ideal clients you want.
  • Attracting the wrong prospects and clients (e.g., clients who can't pay, don't want to pay, don't understand, want an employee, etc.).
  • Wasting time with poorly qualified prospects who are not a fit and will never be clients.
  • Not getting consultations and/or consultations not converting into clients.

What You Want

  • Better qualified and educated prospects.
  • More consultations.
  • Clients.
  • And not just any ol' clients, but IDEAL clients who pay well and understand your value.

The good news is that every single one of these problems and desires can be solved and manifested in your business with an overhaul to your website and marketing message.

With this guide, you get a 3-part process in changing that story in your business:

  1. A simple, illustrated and easy-to-understand crash course in inbound marketing and business modeling;
  2. My proprietary lead capture and client conversion system (I tell you exactly what pages to have and why, what order they need to be in and what information to put on them); and
  3. My patented 1-2-3 plug-n-play system for articulating your value and crating your unique, compelling, education-based marketing message so your business stands out in the crowd and has clients eating out of your hand. With my system, your copy will write itself!

Not only am I going to show you EXACTLY how to put your website together using my own proven conversion system, I will also teach you how to articulate your value and walk you through step-by-step in creating your own unique, irresistible marketing message so you can get well-paying, retained clients. And throughout all this, you'll get the bonus of a crash-course in marketing, business modeling and more clearly identifying your offers and how to position them on your website for best results.

What is a conversion system, you ask?

A conversion system is a strategy—a method—for walking site visitors through your information so that you capture more leads and convert more of them into actual, paying clients by leading them through an intentional education process.

A conversion system is made up of many moving parts and this guide walks you through all of them: your target market, marketing message, the proper site pages to have and what order they need to be in, what information to present (and what NOT to present) and the way to present it for best results, the various elements to have that dramatically increase trust, rapport and credibility (just to name a few).

A proper conversion system also works to set proper business expectations and prequalifies prospects so that not only do you get more of them, you get more high-quality, ideal client candidates.

If you're tired of wasting months (even years) trying to design your site, not knowing what to say or how to say it, this guide is for YOU!

Wendy S. I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that my website is in the process of being created. I could not have gotten the content completed without the Build A Website That Works guide. You simply thought of every detail and simplified the process so much. You are a lifesaver!
Wendy Smith
Stephanie C. Let me just say that you are *the* best at getting a lesson accross. I jumped into this guide on Saturday morning and just couldn't put it down. This book is a one-stop shop of marketing genius and what I like most about your teaching is that you actually tell us *why* we should be doing things this particular way. I am one of those people who has to read the book in its entirety first and then go back to do the action steps so this week I will be taking LOTS of action. This guide is chock-full of all that I need to make my website WORK. Thanks for creating this and putting it out there to help us articulate our worth and the value of our work in an industry that is saturated with "cheap" noise. PS: I can totally see the two years of labor through this masterpiece.
Stephanie Coradin | Dembo Inc.
Lorrie B. (This guide has) helped steer me in the right direction, assisted in determining where I need to focus in my business, and walked me through step by step what I need to do. I have so much to do at this stage in my business, it's often difficult to determine just where to start and I suffer from "analysis paralysis." The program instructions are set out in easy to understand language, not tech-talk, but it's also not dumbed down. One of the things I love about this program (and all of your programs, really) is that you do encourage us to think for ourselves and be original. Thank you for that.
Lorrie Boylen

Following my unique, step-by-step approach, this guide will walk you through and help you accomplish these things:

  • Get clear about the business you're in;
  • Map out your business model;
  • Determine your target market and ideal client;
  • Identify and present your offers (in the right way) to get better results;
  • What in-bound marketing is and how to use it in your business;
  • Set up your website, page by page, component by component, step by step, following my proprietary conversion system;
  • How to articulate your value and create your own unique, irresistible marketing message to stand out from the crowd and attract ideal, well-paying clients who are ready to pay top dollar.
  • With my unique Play-n-Play Content Creation System, putting your marketing message together will be a breeze!

What you get:

| 103-page PDF Guide with step-by-step instructions, action items, checklists, diagrams and worksheets;
Word Plug-n-Play Content Creation Worksheet

PLUS this bonus guide:

BONUS! How to Choose Your Target Market

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Pricing Guide

Value-Based Pricing & Packaging Guide: How to Price and Package Your Support Based on Value and Expertise—NOT Selling Hours (GDE-39)

Never Watch a Clock or
Turn In a Timesheet Again!

Value-Based Pricing & Packaging Toolkit

PDF 49 PG guide | PDF 18 pg case study
MP4 Video 24 MIN training VIDEO | MP3 Audio 55 min Q&A AUdio


Instant Download

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Never watch the clock again and TOSS THOSE TIMESHEETS OUT once and for all! LEARN how to price more simply and profitably than billing by the hour.

Do you feel like the economy is affecting how much clients are willing to pay these days? Do you often have to deal with price shoppers? Are prospective clients scared off once you tell them your hourly rate?

The question on everyone’s mind is how to price competitively, yet profitably. You want to attract clients, but you also want to honor yourself and all the skill, expertise and value you bring to the table. You can’t be in business to work for free after all!

The old hourly billing model just doesn’t work. In this guide, I’m going to teach you a pricing methodology that will make your service absolutely affordable for just about any budget and infinitely more scalable and attractive to clients. And none of this involves discounting, bargaining or reducing your rates whatsoever. It’s called Value-Based Pricing and it will revolutionize your business! You’ll never have to track and report your time for clients again. (Who wouldn’t jump at that chance alone?!)

I’m also going to introduce you to my Administrative Consultant Business Model and show you how to define and frame your support in innovative ways that stand apart from the crowd. My model gives you much more freedom and flexibility in pricing and creating scalable support packages without discounting your fees or otherwise bargaining with your value. I’m going to introduce you to some mindshifts and aha moments that are unlike anything you’ve learned from anyone else in our industry. And you’re going to get all the tools you need to start using value-based pricing in your business right away.

What you'll learn:

  • What value-based pricing is and how it will help you market more easily, attract better, more ideal clients and make more money;
  • How to stop selling time and trading hours for dollars;
  • How to stop discounting your fees and bargaining away your value;
  • How to identify, define, price and present your service products;
  • How to structure scalable packages for every budget based on support and expertise, not hours;
  • How to present your support plan recommendations and have that conversation (with sample conversation);
  • What to say to transform a client's "I can't afford you" into a full-on "Yes, I can't wait to work together!" with absolutely NO manipulation, coercion or bargaining with your fees;
  • How to transition existing clients to value-based pricing (with samples);
  • How to raise your fees (with scripts and strategies for both new and existing clients);
  • Transcript from an actual fee increase conversation with a long-standing existing client;
  • How to create separate revenue streams for greater earning;
  • How to ban the timesheet once and for all and what to give clients instead sample);
  • Why client's LOVE this way of working together (with talking points to use with your own clients).
  • Danielle's profitability rules for solopreneur success.

What you get:

| 24 min. Training Video (MP4)
| 49-page Guide with instructions, exercises, samples, diagrams, strategies, lists and more! (PDF)
| 18-page Actual Case Study where I show you how I helped a colleague create and organize her administrative support components and identify stand-alone services that she could offer and charge for separately. (PDF)
MP3 Audio 55 min. Q&A Audio Recording (MP3)

See What Your Colleagues Say About This Product >

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Consultation Guide

Breaking the Ice:
Client Consultation Guide

Complete, Step-by-Step System for Confidently Leading the Consultation Conversation and Converting Prospects into Well-Paying Monthly Clients Who Can't Wait to Work with You (GDE-03)

Breaking the Ice: Complete, Step-by-Step System for Confidently Leading the Consultation Conversation and Converting Prospects into Well-Paying Monthly Clients

MP4 Video31 MIN training VIDEO | PDF 55 PG PDF guide | MP3 Audio 49 min Q&A AUdio


Instant Download

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Monthly retained clients are the holy grail for Administrative Consultants. Why? Because it’s where the bigger money is. With retained clients, there’s less marketing, less administration and more consistent cash flow and regular income. Done right, your business and work become easier to manage, which means you then have more freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You then have more choice in your business, and any project work you take on beyond that is gravy.

That said, getting retained clients requires a deeper initial conversation with potential clients. This system, which I developed in my successful practice, walks you step-by-step through the entire process and shows you how to masterfully lead consultation conversations that turn your prospects into retained clients.

And by the way, YES, this guide is ALL ABOUT doing consultations by phone (or video chat, if you prefer). The process itself can apply to any consultation, in-person or otherwise, but doing in-person consults is far more time-consuming and doing things the hard way. There is no reason on earth you need to spend in-person time in consultation with your prospects. This guide will show you exactly how to do that.

What you'll learn:

  • Step-by-Step Procedures on What to Do Before, During and After the Consultation to Get Your Ideal Clients
  • How to Proceed (Exactly) When Someone Requests a Consultations
  • How to Structure the Consultation Conversation
  • How, When and What to Say When It Comes to Fees and Closing the Sale
  • How to Prequalify Prospects to Your Dealing with the Most Likely Client Candidates
  • The 18 Most Important Questions to Ask (Prospects Will Practically Sell Themselves on Your Support)
  • 12 of the Most Common Client Objections (and How to Deal with Them)
  • Step-by-step Checklists for Following Up with Finesse—and Results
  • Step-by-Step Checklist on Exactly What to Do Next with New Clients
  • ...and a ton more info!

What you get:

| 55-page PDF Guide chock-full of sample scripts, checklists, diagrams and more! No stone is left unturned. Every single aspect of conducting consultation before, during and after is covered in this guide.
| 31 min. Training Video (MP4)
MP3 Audio 49 min. Q&A Audio Recording (MP3)

PLUS these 2 bonus guides:

BONUS! New Client Welcome Kit Guide
BONUS! Referral Kit Guide

See What Your Colleagues Say About This Product >

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Create a 3 Day Work Week!

Power Productivity & Biz Management

The 14 Simple Systems that Will Breathe Freedom, Flexibility and LIFE Back into Your Business and Client Relationships (GDE-41)

GDE-41: Power Productivity & Biz Management

MP4 Video54 min training VIDEO | PDF 37 PG PDF guide | MP3 Audio 38 min Q&A AUdio


Instant Download

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Learn how to transform your operations to create a 3-day work week so you can start enjoying life again and have a happier, more well-earning business that also serves clients better than ever before!

This guide gives you my unique, effortless systems for taking fantastic care of clients AND having a flexible, freedom-filled lifestyle. (Isn’t that one of the reasons you went into business in the first place?).

Yes, you CAN have it all—including a 3-day work week!— and I’m going to show you how. Yes, you read that right and it's not hype. This guide isn't about how to cram more work into your already busy life and business. Rather, it's how to manage your work and clients so that you have more time for your life by creating space around the work. In this training guide, I'm going to show you the simple policies, procedures, systems and standards I instituted in my own business that have allowed me to travel, live abroad and work a three-day work while running my business AND taking far better care of clients than I ever did without them.. We're going to cover::

  • managing client expectations;
  • creating more space around the work

So that...

  • you can have more freedom, flexibility and time for your life;
  • provide more value and better results;
  • have the infrastructure in place to take better, more consistent care of your clients and never miss a deadline again;
  • and make more moolah doing it all!

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Are you working long hours like a maniac as fast and hard as you can, spreading yourself too thin, not earning enough, and missing out on your life?

  • Do you need to earn more in your business, but you’re already busting at capacity and couldn’t take on more clients if you wanted to?

  • Are you scrambling to juggle everything on your plate and it’s burning you out?

  • Are you working with clients in ways the prevent you from earning better and growing your business?

  • Is your practice not near to being full, but at the rate things are going, you couldn’t possibly take on any more clients?

  • Are you so crowded in the work you barely have time or space to breathe or think, much less work on developing, improving and growing your business?

  • Do you love your business and your clients, but wish there was a way to have more time for your life?

So, what’s the problem?

Just about every other day, I hear from some poor soul, literally in tears, who is at her wits end in her business and desperately seeking my help. The common theme I hear from these folks is “I just can’t take it anymore!”

They’re not earning enough money. They’re chained to their computer day in and day out, working practically ’round the clock as hard and fast as they possibly can. Every day is a scramble to put out fires and jump the second a client barks at them. They’ve hit a wall and there’s just nowhere for them to go but down.

And life? Forget that. They have no life anymore.

We’re all grateful to be in business working for ourselves, and we love our work and our clients. But at some point did the work start taking over your life?

How did it get like this?

A large part of the reason it’s gotten this way for them is because they drank the koolaid. Certain factions in our industry have served them up a big ol’ dish of BS and trained them to work like substitute employees to their clients.

They call it “business,” but it’s absolutely not. All they’ve done is trade their brick and mortar job for a virtual one. That’s not a new paradigm whatsoever. It’s just a another name for the same ol’ thing: E-M-P-L-O-Y-E-E. Operating like that will never get you the life and business of your dreams.

More clients and business are lost, not from any lack of skills, competence or burning desire to help, but from a lack of systems and ineffective management practices.

And that’s because doing the work and having the know-how to manage the business and work are two entirely different skillsets. If you don’t have a system that allows you to consistently and reliably support ALL your clients, equally and sustainably for the long-term, you’re going to run into problems once you have more than one or two clients. And naturally, one or two clients does make for a well-earning, self-sustaining, profitable business.

How smartly you manage the business and work is going to directly impact your ability to earn well.

Taking on more clients and work isn’t the answer to earning better, particularly if you are already struggling to juggle and manage your business as it is. And you think you're working like mad now? You’ll have even LESS time and more craziness if you think turning into an admin mill and farming the work out to others is the solution.

One of the places where people fail to plan is how much space they’re going to need around the work. Initially, it’s hard for them to even believe they are finally in business. They’re just so excited to be working for themselves and focused on getting that first client, they don’t think ahead and plan for the time when they have more than one or two clients.

Once they start to get busy, they end up finding themselves scrambling every day to keep up and get work done, and eventually hit a wall of burnout. And let me tell you, killing yourself every day, having a business that is nothing more than a job, and never having time for your life is not helping anyone.

There is a way out (and I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to do it—simply, quickly and easily)!

The trick is to imagine your business as if it were full right from the get go, and to devise your systems, policies and protocols around that scenario. Utilizing effective, productive practices right from the beginning allows you to set proper expectations in clients right from the beginning, while also giving you room to move around in your business and the work.

There IS a way to work with clients as a valuable, strategic support partner, NOT as a substitute employee they don’t pay taxes on.

And the crazy, counter-intuitive thing is, with my freedom-creating system for managing business and the workload, in the process of getting your life back, you’ll actually end up taking WAY BETTER care of your clients!

I want you to have your LIFE back! Isn’t that why you went into business in the first place? Nothing would make me happier than if you would allow me to show you:

  • How you CAN work with clients completely differently and stop being so crowded in the work each and every day;
  • How to have a flexible and freedom-filled lifestyle AND a business that serves clients better than before (because you are not truly serving anyone with your back to the wall each and every day)!

If you are DONE being tired, overwhelmed and frustrated trying to keep up in your business, let me show you the systems that will FREE you from your shackles.

What you'll learn:

  • The policies and procedures to put in place to lessen your day-to-day workload and make your business less exhausting!
  • The systems, automation and tools to use that will reduce, streamline and simplify your administration;
  • My trademark 3/7 work management system that will build space around the work so you have more freedom, flexibility and room to breathe;
  • How to turn your email program into a workload command center and shave HOURS off your day;
  • How to educate and set proper expectations in clients around the work;
  • What to give clients to support you in educating them properly and setting the right expectations from the beginning;
  • Strategy and script for talking about your policies and systems with clients and portraying them as a competitive advantage;
  • And much, much more!

What you get:

| 37-page PDF Guide with step-by-step instructions, checklists, example graphics and exercise worksheets;
MP4 Video 54 min. Training Video (MP4); and
MP3 Audio 38 min. Q&A Audio Recording (MP3).

PLUS these 3 bonuses ($58 value):

BONUS! New Client Welcome Kit Guide
BONUS! Client Guide Template
BONUS! Plush: Red Carpet Strategies for Luxurious Client Care

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Create a 3 Day Work Week!

Get Paid to Market Your Business with Info Products & Multi-Layered Revenue Streams (GDE-42)

GDE-42: Get Paid to Market Your Business with Info Products & Multi-Layered Revenue Streams

MP4 Video34 min training VIDEO | PDF 39 PG PDF guide | MP3 Audio 54 min Q&A AUdio


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Let's face it, marketing is hard!

No matter how much we focus and simplify and automate, it's still difficult to find time, be consistent and know what to say.


What if you could market in a way that SHOWED potential clients how awesome you are (instead of telling them), and GOT PAID for it at the same time?

Yeah, I know... you'd kill to do that.

Luckily, you don't have to go to that extreme.

You can actually get paid to market your business by creating passive income products that demonstrate your value, provide a way for potential clients to "sample" your services, and generate entire additional streams of revenue while you're at it!

  • No more auditioning.
  • No more chasing after carrots, hoping for real business to happen.
  • Set a more respectful tone for the relationship where you are valued as a professional, not a trained monkey.
  • Have clients come to you as an expert and authority in administration.
  • Be viewed as a trusted advisor, not a cost to be managed.
  • Make. More. Moolah.

Want off the hamster wheel of poor earning and constantly having to chase down your next meal?

Perry Marshall wrote a blog post that could have been written exclusively for our industry. He was talking about a fellow who suffered from "a weakness that almost every person who is WORTHY of getting somebody's money" has:

He loves what he does so much, and he loves helping people so much, he forgets to get PAID.

What ended up happening with this fellow is that he would allow just help me with this little side project clients to get him on a $0 or $2,000 distraction that kept him from picking up a $50,000 check.

This is EXACTLY what I'm always talking about in our industry. Far too many people get caught up frittering away all their time and energy on nickel and dime project work because clients want to "sample" their services and make them audition.

But how long is that $50 or $100 or even $500 going to last you? It might buy dinner that week, but it does nothing to create long-term, ongoing, sustainable cashflow.

It's gone and you're right back on the hamster wheel having to chase down your next meal, before you're even done with the work in front of you. It is a completely exhausting existence!

I totally understand why this happens, though.It's tough building a business that earns you the kind of income you can actually live on. When you're new, you don't know what works and what will just keep you stuck where you are earning poorly.

You think, if only you are accommodating enough, if you bend over backwards to jump through every hoop a prospect tells you to, surely, eventually, they will commit to your retained monthly services.

In fact, it's quite the opposite. It rarely ever happens like that. All you're doing is showing them they DON'T have to commit to anything. That like a trained monkey, you'll keep straining for that carrot on a stick they keep dangling beyond your reach.

This is also a terrible precedent in your business because you've allowed them to set a tone of disrespect for the relationship and a devaluing of you as a professional, which never ends well. We've got an entire industry of working poor because of this dynamic!

Wouldn't you rather be off that hamster wheel and earning bigger bucks? What if you could provide "samples" to prospects in a more professional, less demeaning way, that will command their respect, give them the demonstrable "proof" of your skill, competence and expertise they are seeking? And what if you could do it in a way that creates multi-layered revenue streams and PAYS you to market your business without having your personal time and attention expended cheaply or freely?

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • How to utilize info products to market, attract clients, increase revenue and grow your business;
  • The best and easiest tools to get up and selling in minutes;
  • What products to create and how to leverage them;
  • How to layer your products to nurture relationships;
  • The stress-free, overwhelm-free way to create your products;
  • How to market and promote your products;
  • Plus, you'll get a handy-dandy guide with step-by-step checklists and worksheets to get you started right away!

What you get:

| 39-page PDF Guide with step-by-step instructions, tips, checklists and illustrations;
| 34 min. Training Video (MP4); and
| 54 min. Q&A Audio Recording (MP3).

PLUS this bonus guide:

BONUS! Anatomy of a Promotion

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Set-03 The WHOLE Shebang!

The WHOLE Shebang! Complete Administrative Support Business Set-Up + Success System (SET-03)

EVERYTHING you need to set up your solid, successful administrative support businesstoday!

SET-03 The Whole Shebang Complete Administrative Support Business Success Pack – 28 products in all!


($1189 value; you save $590)

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What you get:

  • SET-01: Administrative Support Business Set-Up Set ($382 value that include 11 forms, tools and contract templates + 7 free bonuses)
  • GDE-40: Build a Website that WORKS Web Design and Marketing System NEW! ($129 value)
  • GDE-39: Value-Based Pricing & Packaging Toolkit ($129 value)
  • GDE-03: Breaking the Ice: Your Complete, Step-by-Step System to Confidently Lead the Consultation Conversation and Convert All Your Prospects to Retained Clients ($129 value)
  • GDE-41: Power Productivity & Biz Management: The 14 Simple Systems that Will Breathe Freedom, Flexibility and LIFE Back Into Your Business and Relationship with Clients ($39 value)
  • GDE-42: Get Paid to Market Your Biz with Info Products & Multi-Layered Revenue Streams ($39 value)

PLUS all these bonuses ($342 total value):

BONUS! 2 Administrative Consultants Industry Surveys
BONUS! Business Introduction Letter
BONUS! New Client Welcome Kit Guide
BONUS! Client Guide Template
BONUS! Referral Kit Guide
BONUS! Automated Excel Invoice Template
BONUS! Disaster & Business Continuation Plan
BONUS! GDE-34 Plush: Red Carpet Strategies for Luxurious Client Care
BONUS! GDE-37 Activity & Time Analysis Tool (to use with clients)
BONUS! How to Choose Your Target Market
BONUS! ACA Income & Pricing Calculator
BONUS! Anatomy of a Promotion
BONUS! SET-02 Web & Graphic Design Biz Pack. ($132 value that includes these 8 products)
  • Web Design Agreement (AGR-20)
  • Web & Graphic Design Annual Per-Project Agreement (AGR-21)
  • Web Design Planning Questionnaire (FRM-22)
  • Web Design Feedback Form (FRM-23)
  • Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing Feedback Form (FRM-24)
  • Website Maintenance Monthly Retainer Agreement (AGR-25)
  • Website Info Sheet (FRM-26)
  • Domain Tracking Sheet (FRM-27)

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