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Administrative Consultants are THE Administrative Experts!
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Administrative Consultants ~ "We are agents for your success!"

Sabrina Williams

Canary Admin Services

PC or Mac: PC

Accepting New Clients: Yes


Professional Personal Honest

My philosophy about administrative support and helping clients:
The objective of Canary Admin Services is to offer administrative Support to other businesses and/or individuals that may not have the necessary skills to complete certain tasks or who simply do not have the time or desire to do so. Canary Admin Services will strive to put the client's needs first, deliver quality work and provide excellent customer service.
Who I'm looking to work with:
I have a mixture of clients, both virtual and local. The ideal client would require my services on a monthly retainer basis in which I would become more involved in their business progress and growth. Other clients would be on a one-off project basis and locals can benefit from assistance in dealing with red tape issues on the island.

In addition to my administrative support and expertise, I also provide these specialty services: Real Estate Support (REVA), Writing/Copywriting, Spanish-English translations

Morning Glory or Night Owl: Night Owl

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