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ACA Website that Works Workshop

Page-by-Page Website Set-up that Gets You Consults and Those Lucrative, Well-Paying Monthly Retainer Clients You've Been Dreaming of Once and For All

We're going to get your site taking names and kicking butt!

Date: Four sessions beginning Thursday, September 19, 2013 (every Thursday for 4 weeks)
Time: 12p Pacific / 1p Mountain / 2p Central / 3p Eastern (U.S.)
Duration: Two hours each session
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DEADLINE TO REGISTER: Tuesday, August 20, 2013

LIMITED TO 20 PEOPLE ONLY: Because I'll be working closely with each attendee, I have to limit this workshop to 20 people. So don't wait and lose out on a spot. Register now before it's too late to get in. The work we'll do on your site is game-changing!

Got clients? (No?) Let's fix that!

One of the reasons you're not getting clients is your website. Namely, a site that doesn't know what it's doing and doesn't convert visitors into consultations and clients.

Any why is that?

There are two problems we have when it comes to creating a site that will attract ideal prospects and get them into consultation to become clients:

  1. We're too close to our own businesses to see the problems with our own site.
  2. We simply don't know what should be on our site and what to say.

What tends to happen in that case is people will look around at what others in the industry are doing and saying on their websites and just copy that. They figure, "Gee, that's what everyone else is saying, I guess I should be saying the same things." But there are two critical mistakes with that:

  1. What they fail to realize is that most of the time those folks they are mimicking don't know any better and aren't doing any better themselves so they're just copying something that doesn't work in the first place; and
  2. When all they're doing is basically saying the same thing as everyone else, they fail to differentiate their business and don't give clients any compelling or memorable reason to hire them. They just blend into the sea of generic sites and become invisible.

The other thing that happens when you don't know what to say on your website is you end up bribing people to work with you. And that's exactly what all those websites you're copying are doing.

For example, who do you think you're attracting with this kind of message:

“Do you need an assistant, but don't want the hassle, responsibility or expense associated with hiring, managing and maintaining an onsite employee?”

You're attracting exactly the opposite of who you want to work with. You want (and need) clients who value the work you do, who understand it is important to the success of their business and realize that valuable expertise and support is an investment that will help them grow, move forward and make faster progress in their business.

But with a message like one in the example, you are telling them to devalue what you do by equating it to be LESS than that of an employee. You're cattle-calling all the people who don't want to pay, who want something for nothing. When you compare yourself to employees, that's exactly what people think you are: some kind of low-paid substitute employee.

It's no wonder they only want to pay you the same as (or less than!) an employee. When you focus all your marketing on how cheap you are, what a bargain you are, how much less expensive you are, you are calling the attention of every cheapskate in the world.

Bribery does not instill loyalty or attract quality-minded prospects. And these are the kind of bribes people make when they have no clue how to market.

Plus, when you fail to differentiate yourself, you become a commodity. When clients have no way to discern why they should hire you, they always resort to price-shopping.

Shaping and managing client expectations and understandings is always within your control. It's your role, in fact, to do that. It's never the client's/prospect's job to understand your value automatically. They have to be educated. And you have the full opportunity, capability (and responsibility) to do that with the content on your website.

This clinic is going to help you with these things. You can relax as far as having to figure things out by yourself. I'm going to do that thinking for you and tell you EXACTLY what to do and what changes to make and we're going to walk through these changes page by page so you have a strategy-driven site that will start capturing leads and getting you those all-important consultations and clients!

Your Website Is Vital in Getting the Results You Want

I'll willing to bet you are experiencing all or most of these issues:

  • Don't know what pages or information should really be on your website;
  • Have just been basically copying what others are doing and saying because you don't have a plan or strategy;
  • Don't know how to capture leads and keep in contact with them;
  • Getting few, if any, consultations and clients;
  • The consultations and clients you do get are not the ideal ones you want;
  • You're getting a lot of contacts from people who barely want to pay anything!
  • All you ever seem to get is cheapskates and tire kickers.

Isn't this what you'd rather your website did for you instead:

  • Instill trust, rapport and credibility in site visitors so they recognize they are dealing with a legitimate, committed and trustworthy business.
  • Convey expertise and authority.
  • Attract well-paying clients while sorting out tirekickers and those who want something for nothing;
  • Prequalify prospects so you're getting more of your ideal clients;
  • Pre-educate prospects so they better understand the nature of your relationship and how you'll be working together;
  • Set proper business expectations, understandings and perceptions to facilitate more success and ease in working together;
  • Have clients and prospects respect and view you as a business professional and administrative expert, not their beck-and-call assistant/gopher/personal servant they want to pay little or nothing for;
  • Excite visitors about working with you and get more of them into consultation;
  • Capture leads so you can keep in touch and grow the know, like and trust factor.

Right! So Let's Turn Your Site into a Client-Attracting Powerhouse!

YOU know you're not a commodity. YOU know you have valuble skills, expertise and insights to share. YOU know you help clients improve their businesses and lives, move forward and make progress.

What we need to do is fix your website so your prospects and potential clients know that as well with your own unique, compelling, irresistible marketing message and an infotecture system that captures leads and gets you clients and consults!

There is no reason for your continue struggling in your marketing, getting clients and making money. In this workshop I'm going to sit down with 20 people over a two-month period and we are going to hammer out your website once and for all into a magnetic, client-attracting powerhouse that works for you, not againt you.

No more copying. No more overthinking. No more procrastinating. LET'S GET YOU SOME CLIENTS! We are going to get it done, people!

Here's what we're going to do:

  1. Overhaul your website and marketing message by implementing a systematic formula that gets you more consultations and clients. To do this, we are going to:
  2. Take inventory of your business and website.
  3. Clarify your target market.
  4. Put your business model to paper.
  5. Map out your marketing strategy.
  6. Add the right pages, elements and infotecture that attracts more qualified prospects, gets them engaged, captures leads, instills trust, credibility and rapport, sets proper expectations and understandings, and multiplies consultation requests.
  7. Renovate your primary marketing message to articulate your value, clarify your distinguishing value proposition and get visitors excited about working with you.
  8. Set up automated marketing systems to start attracting prospects, creating your own pipelines and growing your list.

And here's the knowledge and clarity you will gain that I'll be teaching you about:

  1. We're going to get you clear about the business you're in and the clients you want;
  2. I'm going to teach you about the marketing path, how everything works and ties together, and how to create your OWN pipelines (THE most powerful way to get your ideal clients);
  3. Where your website fits into that equation and how to implement it as a strategic tool in the all-important marketing and conversion process;
  4. The NEW SEO and what you really need to do and focus on to improve yours. (Everything you think you know about SEO doesn't work that way anymore.)
  5. AND I'm going to show you how you can offer clients everything they need to say YES! to doing business with you in a way that strengthens and supports your primary call-to-action instead of distracting prospects away from it.

Class Size

20 participants only. Because I'll be working closely with each attendee, I have to limit this workshop to 20 people. Don't wait and lose out on a spot. Register now before it's too late to get in. The work we'll be doing on your site is game-changing!

ONE LAST SPOT AVAILABLE: Opportunity ends midnight, Tues., August 20, 2013. From August 21 to September 19 (when the first webconference begins), we will be taking business inventories and completing email pre-workshop diagnostics and homework so there will absolutely be no one else accepted after August 19.

How this Workshop Will Be Delivered

We’ll be using webconferencing for the visual screensharing and teleconferencing for the session calls. In order for us to obtain quality recordings, you will need to be able to attend the calls via phone. This may incur long-distance charges; check with your provider first or use a phone with a plan that doesn't charge for long-distance or roaming.

You will not need any special software. You’ll be given all the details and links for attending once you secure your registration.


I am energized by people who are eager to learn, ready to participate and excited to make lasting, positive change in their business and life. This is important not only for your individual results, but for the benefit and experience of each and every participant in the class. This is why it's so important to make sure we are going to be a fit for each other.

You are a fit for this clinic if (and these are the criteria you vouch that you meet and agree to abide by in registering):

  • You are in the administrative support business.
  • You already have a domain, hosting and a website up and online (something that's already started or installed so we have something to work with and change as we go along).
  • You are able to to add and make changes to your website pages yourself (i.e., not have to wait on a webmaster to do them).
  • You will make changes to your site pages exactly as instructed. Questions are encouraged once we meet on the webconferences, and we'll definitely be discussing all the WHYs of these changes, but beyond that I want no second-guessing or resistance. You must be willing to suspend all preconceptions (or misconceptions as the case may be). You can experiment, expand on and change things on your site later on your own time if you see fit. But during the workshop, I need you to trust in the process and cooperate with me. That's the only way you will benefit. I know what I'm doing and I'm not going to steer you wrong.
  • You are ready to stop calling yourself an assistant and use the term Administrative Consultant. I help business people and administrative experts, not assistants. If you can't let go of the Virtual Assistant term, I do not want you in this class. I do not want to see or hear that word in our conversations or on any websites.
  • You are excited and hopeful about your business and passionately determined to make it a profitable, sustainable success so you can help clients AND live the life of your dreams.
  • You are action-oriented and ready to roll up your sleeves, do the work and get down to bid–ness!
  • You are committed to attending each and every session and completing any homework required of you.
  • You are ready, willing and able to actively participate, speak up and ask questions.
  • You will treat this class and the work involved with the same timeliness and management competence as you would any client relationship.
  • You agree not to participate in any other training during the weeks of the workshop so that you can be fully present and focused on our work together. I don’t like my time or that of anyone else being wasted, which is what happens when you distract yourself with too many other things and end up not getting work done or done on time.
  • You understand that getting the knowledge and expertise you need to make your business a success costs money. It might smart a little, but you walk in integrity. Just as you would not like a client who expects you to work for free, you do not expect others to work or help you for free either. You see this clinic an an investment in your future and money well-spent.

You are NOT a fit for this workshop (and please DO NOT register) if:

  • You are not in the administrative support business.
  • Your business is more of a hobby to earn a little money on the side rather than a legitimate, fully committed business that you earn your livelihood from.
  • You do not already have a domain, hosting or a webite up and online and are unable to add and edit pages directly yourself.
  • You can't commit to attending each and every session or doing the homework.
  • You plan on sitting on the sidelines and waiting for the recordings. I do NOT want you there whatsoever if that is your strategy as it is de-energizing to me and introduces an element of negativity and resentment in the group dynamic for everyone else.
  • You think it's everyone else's job in life to work and help you for free, and subsidize your business and success at their expense. I have no patience for freeloaders who devalue the time and expense of others.
  • You want to argue, debate or second-guess instructions. Look, if you know all, have it figured out already, have all the clients you need and were doing well, you wouldn't be here reading this. We are not going to be putzing around with people who detract from and slow down the pace of the class. My workshop participates require an instructor who is not aggravated by unideal students so if you in any way have defensiveness or resistence issues, do not sign up for this class.

  • You are stuck in employee mindset and plan to continue calling yourself a Virtual Assistant. I can't work with you if that's the case. Our business sensibilities are just too far apart.

What You'll Get:

  • Online instruction in four two-hour group sessions conducted via webconference and telephone bridgeline;
  • Your questions answered during the Q&A portion of each session (these alone are often worth the entire price of the class)
  • Personal one-on-one support via email;
  • Video training recordings and Q&A audio recordings that are produced;
  • Printed guide and supplements.

Are you ready to transform your website into a client-getting powerhouse?

LAST CHANCE! Early bird savings ends midnight July 18! Register NOW for the the Website that WORKS Workshop:

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Want to Know More Before You Pay for Your Registration?

If you have any questions about the class or what you’d like to see covered, please do email them to me and I’ll post the answers below. Your questions also help me identify where the common difficulties are and which parts of the training to place a little extra focus on.

Questions About the Class

Q. How will this workshop be conducted?

A. Group sessions will be held by webconference and telephone where you can watch my screen and participate as we go through the things. You do not need any special software. You'll be sent the links and instructions for attending once you are registered.

Important Note: You will need to call into our telephone conference line and long distance charges may apply depending on your service. If you have free or unlimited long distance that includes the U.S. on your VoIP, landline or cell phone, you should be okay. Otherwise, please be aware that you may incur charges on your next bill. Be sure to check with your provider so you don't have any unexpected surprises.

Q. Is this workshop going to deal with copy only? Or is it going to involve changing the actual theme or appearance of the site?

A. We are dealing with copy and content only. I might have some aesthetic suggestions for some participates, but we will not be getting into changing any of the visual design, branding or themes.

Q. I am super excited about this workshop! I wish I didn't have to wait so long for it because I REALLY need the help like yesterday. Is there a particular you chose the date you did?

A. I know, I know, lol. I'm chomping at the bit myself and I wish we could get started sooner, but as they say, all good things come to those who wait. I'll tell you my strategy here, though, and I think you'll see it makes sense.

The learning and work in this workshop is BIG stuff. Which means it costs more, plain and simple. There will be fewer people prepared to pay. I need to have plenty of time to promote it and get all the seats filled before the workshop actually starts. So, I wanted to give myself a good couple months for that as that stuff just takes time.

I wanted to start the actual sessions in September after summer is over and the kids are back in school so everyone can be more present and focused.

And lastly, registration deadline ends August 15, and that time between then and September 19 I'm going to use to email each participant and get started on the preliminary business and website audits and other advance homework. So while we won't meet as a group in webconference until September 19, we will be starting work on everything in the month preceding that.

You see, there IS a method to my madness. :)

Q. I have a schedule conflict and am not able to attend this workshop. Will you be offering it again in the future?

A. At this point I can't say for sure. This is the first time I am offering this particular class. Some of the work we'll be doing will probably be developed into a self-study program. You could wait for that to come out, but again, I have no clue when that will be available. It could be quite some time.

Q. I'm not able to attend the live session(s). Will the recording be made available for sale afterward?

No. Please refer back to the section that indicates who is a fit for this workshop. This is a HUGE undertaking, and I don't want my time wasted on anyone who can't commit to being there come hell or high water. It's just to de-energizing and irritating, if I can be quite candid. Some folks might say, "Well, who cares if someone can't attend? They've already paid their fee; you've got their money." But as with just about everything, it's not just about the money. It's also about energy and respect. I can't afford to have anyone in our circle who detracts from that.

Q. If I can't attend, will my registration be refunded?

No. There will be no refunds so be sure you plan on attending before registering. This is not a free teleseminar where people sit like bumps on a log thinking they'll just get the recording later. This is a live, interactive workshop that requires your active presence and participation. I want warm, committed bodies who are eager and ready to learn, participate and take action. I don't want my time or yours wasted so if that's not you, please do not register.

Still have questions?

Feel free to shoot me an email and I'll be happy to help.