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power productivity &
biz management for administrative consultants

Are you working to live or living to work? Do you miss your life? I’m going to share with you all my biz and workload management systems and secrets so you, too, can have more space in your work, be able to earn better, take better care of clients, AND have a more flexible, freedom-filled life!

when is this class?

Date: Wed, August 22, 2012
Time: 12p Pacific / 1p Mountain / 2p Central / 3p Eastern (U.S.)
Duration: 2 hours
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DEADLINE TO REGISTER: Wed, August 15, 2012

who is this class for?

This online class is for new and established administrative support business owners who:

  • work with clients in ongoing, right-hand, collaborative partnering relationship (or want to be); and
  • have hit a wall and become overwhelmed in the work (or want to avoid this); and who
  • want more time for life while still taking great (even better) care of clients.

don’t let the title fool you

This isn’t another class on how to get more done in an hour, shove more work into your already crowded day, yada yada yada. Not at all!

(In fact, you’ll find in attending my class that it’s sort of the OPPOSITE!)

This is a class to show you my unique system for taking passionate, fantastic care of clients AND having a flexible, freedom-filled lifestyle. (Isn’t that one of the reasons you went into business in the first place?).

Yes, you can have it all, and I’m going to show you how! I’m going to show you my unique tricks of the trade for:

  • managing client expectations;
  • creating more space around the work

So that...

  • you can have more freedom, flexibility and time for your life;
  • improve the quality of your service;
  • provide more value and better results;
  • take better, more consistent care of your clients;
  • and make more moolah doing it!

any of this sound familiar?

  • Are you working long hours like a maniac as fast and hard as you can, spreading yourself too thin, not earning enough, and missing out on your life?

  • Do you need to earn more in your business, but you’re already busting at capacity and couldn’t take on more clients if you wanted to?

  • Are you scrambling to juggle everything on your plate and it’s burning you out?

  • Are you working with clients in ways the prevent you from earning better and growing your business?

  • Is your practice not near to being full, but at the rate things are going, you couldn’t possibly take on any more clients?

  • Are you so crowded in the work you barely have time or space to breathe or think, much less work on developing, improving and growing your business?

  • Do you love your business and your clients, but wish there was a way to have more time for your life?

what’s the problem?

Let me share with you why I finally decided to offer this class. Just about every other day, I hear from some poor soul, literally in tears, who is at her wits end in her business and desperately seeking my help. The common theme I hear from these folks is “I just can’t take it anymore!”

They’re not earning enough money. They’re chained to their computer day in and day out, working practically ’round the clock as hard and fast as they possibly can. Every day is a scramble to put out fires and jump the second a client barks at them. They’ve hit a wall and there’s just nowhere for them to go but down.

And life? Forget that. They have no life anymore.

We’re all grateful to be in business working for ourselves, and we love our work and our clients. But at some point did the work start taking over your life?

how did it get like this?

A large part of the reason it’s gotten this way for them is because they drank the koolaid. Certain factions in our industry have served them up a big ol’ dish of BS and trained them to work like substitute employees to their clients.

They call it “business,” but it’s absolutely not. All they’ve done is trade their brick and mortar job for a virtual one. That’s not a new paradigm whatsoever. It’s just a another name for the same ol’ thing: J-O-B. And that will never get you to the life and business of your dreams.

More business is lost, not from any lack of skills, competence or burning desire to help clients, but from lack of systems and ineffective management practices.

And that’s because doing the work and having the know-how to manage the business and work are two entirely different skillsets. If you don’t have a system that allows you to consistently and reliably support ALL your clients, equally and sustainably for the long-term, you’re going to run into problems once you have more than one or two clients. And naturally, one or two clients does make for a well-earning, self-sustaining, profitable business.

How smartly you manage the business and work is going to directly impact your ability to earn well.

Taking on more clients and work isn’t the answer to earning better, particularly if you are already struggling to juggle and manage your business as it is. And you think you're working like mad now? You’ll have even LESS time and more craziness if you think turning into an admin mill and farming the work out to others is the solution.

One of the places where people fail to plan is how much space they’re going to need around the work. Initially, it’s hard for them to even believe they are finally in business. They’re just so excited to be working for themselves and focused on getting that first client, they don’t think ahead and plan for the time when they have more than one or two clients.

Once they start to get busy, they end up finding themselves scrambling every day to keep up and get work done, and eventually hit a wall of burnout. And let me tell you, killing yourself every day, having a business that is nothing more than a job, and never having time for your life is not helping anyone.

there is a way out (and I’m going to show you how)!

The trick is to imagine your business as if it were full right from the get go, and to devise your systems, policies and protocols around that scenario. Utilizing effective, productive practices right from the beginning allows you to set proper expectations in clients right from the beginning, while also giving you room to move around in your business and the work.

There IS a way to work with clients as a valuable, strategic support partner, NOT as a substitute employee they don’t pay taxes on.

And the crazy, counter-intuitive thing is, with my freedom-creating system for managing business and the workload, in the process of getting your life back, you’ll actually end up taking WAY BETTER care of your clients!

I want you to have your LIFE back! Isn’t that why you went into business in the first place? Nothing would make me happier than if you would allow me to show you:

  • how you CAN work with clients completely differently and stop being so crowded in the work each and every day;
  • how to have a flexible and freedom-filled lifestyle AND a business that serves clients better than before (because you are not truly serving anyone with your back to the wall each and every day)!

let me show you the systems that will FREE you from your shackles.

In this class, you’re going to learn:

  • How to educate and set proper expectations in clients around the work;
  • What to give clients to support you in educating them properly and setting the right expectations from the beginning;
  • How your standards support you in this effort;
  • What communication, meeting and work request policies, procedures and protocols you need to put in place for effective management and improved client care and expectations;
  • My trademark 3/7 work management system;
  • Online filing and virtual collaboration systems;
  • Using Outlook as a business and workload manager;
  • Email management and filing systems;
  • Systemization and automatization;
  • And much, much more!

Summer slowdown is the perfect time to whip your operations into shape so you can start enjoying life again AND create a happier, more well-earning business that serves clients better than before!

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: August 15, 2012, or until all available seats are filled, whichever comes sooner.

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How the Class Will Be Delivered

We’ll be using webconferencing software so that you can view my screen as we go through the course and also see who your fellow students are. This will be a highly interactive class where I’ll be presenting learning information and also asking you questions and participating together as a group.

Don’t worry—you don’t need any special software; it’s provided by my training platform. You’ll be given all the details for attending once you pay for your registration. Any needed course materials and handouts will be provided at the time of the class. The class will be recorded so afterward, you’ll get your own copy of the video that you can refer back to whenever you wish.

Danielle Keister Danielle Keister is business mentor, Administrative Consulting expert and founder of the Administrative Consultants Association. I help you ROCK IT in your admin support biz so you can knock the socks off clients, make more moolah AND have more time for life! Subscribe to my blog for straight-shooting, no-nonsense biz savvy in setting up YOUR successful administrative support practice.

Want to Know More Before You Pay for Your Registration?

If you have any questions about the class or what you’d like to see covered, please do email them to me and I’ll post the answers below. Your questions also help me identify where the common difficulties are and which parts of the training to place a little extra focus on.

Questions About the Class

Q. I have a schedule conflict and am not able to attend this training. Will you be offering it again in the future?

A. This may not be a great answer, but the truth is, I’m not sure. I have several other projects that I’m working to get done and my focus will be on those once this class is done. If I do decide to do this class again, it mostly likely will not be any time soon. It is possible that I will turn this class into a DIY product and if so, you’d be able to purchase it in the Success Store.

Q. I’m not able to attend the live class. Will the recording be made available for sale afterward?

A. Yes, the class will be recorded and participants will receive a copy afterward. However, if you plan to attend, I really encourage you to make the time to be there. It’s really the best way you’ll get all of the interactive experience and the opportunity to get all your questions answered personally. .

Q. If I can’t attend, will my registration be refunded?

A. Quick answer: no, there will be no refunds. I want warm, committed bodies live in the class who are eager and willing to participate, ask questions and get the most from the learning experience. My wish is for you to attend the live sessions because you’re going to get so much more out it and have the opportunity to get your questions personally answered. If you’re not sure you can attend, I would prefer that you simply do not purchase a registration. It’s really the best way to not waste anyone’s time.

Q. What do I get with the live training?

A. What you get by attending that you don’t ever get with any DIY or recorded materials is the live class interaction and learning conversations. The training offers the opportunity to learn and train with me directly to get an even better grasp of the all the nuances of the methodologies and principles we cover, and get your questions answered personally. A lot of times, it’s the live Q & A that people benefit from most!

Q. Will I incur long distance charges by attending your webinar/teleclass?

That depends on your service provider or the phone you use to call in. If you have free or unlimited long distance plan with your carrier that includes the U.S. on your VoIP, landline or cell phone, you should be okay. If you don't, long distance charges may apply and be incurred on your next bill. Be sure to double check with your provider so you don't have any unexpected surprises.

“Heck yeah! Great class!”

Heck yeah! Great class today, Danielle! Thanks for such a great program. It made me think about a lot of things, and I realized that some of the services that I was offering will not ultimately lead to the type of lifestyle I want (such as email management and calendar management). Thank you for that. Best to realize it now while I am early in the business! Thanks for everything you do for this industry!

Lorrie B. Lorri Boylen

“I'm so happy I took this class!”

I just downloaded my Power Productivity and Biz Management Guide, and I am so happy I took this class, This is GREAT material and oh so practical. I am extra grateful to you for being open and sharing this material because I can see how it can make my biz life so much easier while still making great money.

Stephanie C. stephanie coradin, dembo, inc.

“Your classes are amazing and inspiring.”

I took your Pricing class, and it has made a HUGE difference in my work load, (no more scrambling to get invoices out, or the hated watching the clock).

Teri W. Teri williams | sidekick assistants

“Your classes are always fun and informative.”

Your classes are always fun and informative. I have been on calls before for webinars, and it seemed as if I was the only person on the call. But not with you. You give such awesome information and examples that it is hard not to get excited about how you are going to apply all that you have learned. You make it easy for everyone to ask questions and not feel as if ‘oh, that was a stupid question.’ That is why it is hard to get off your calls. I learn a lot from the other people on the call as well as the information and templates that you provide.

Tracy C. Tracy carson | your business solutions today

“Your class was fun and informative...”

I have been doing some re-organization after the class! So far, so good, too! Your class was fun and informative, and gave me lots of great tips. It also led me to some of your other Success Store items which are proving to be invaluable.I will be recommending your classes, your products, and maybe even taking more classes! Thank you so much for nudging me back onto a more successful (and sane!) track!

Ariel J.-R. ariel jackson-ross | the virtual element