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Our directory is free and exclusively for Administrative Consultants. Ours is one of the top, most highly trafficked directories by potential clients in the industry. However, there is some criteria you must meet first and some directions to follow before your site will be approved.

1. Read thoroughly, follow directions and pay attention. Be sure you read this entire page IN FULL and meet our criteria before submitting your listing. Those who fail to read, follow instructions and heed criteria, waste the time of others and demonstrate a lack of the very competence and professional-level ability this organization represents, and their listings will be denied.

2. You must have a completed, professional website. Your website must meet our standards of professional aesthetics and reflect a professional level of skill, qualification and competence. A website that is sloppy, incomplete or poorly managed and presented does not convey a credible, professional image or represent the ACA's standards of excellence and competence. If your website is under construction, has navigation links that don't work, an inordinate amount of typos or incorrect grammar, punctuation, etc., or is in any other unprofessional or incomplete state, the listing will be automatically denied. If you think your site might not make the cut, go through and clean it up before submitting your listing.

3. You must specifically use the term Administrative Consultant on your website (not "virtual assistant", "virtual administrative consultant" or any other term). Our directory is exclusively for those who are in the administrative support business and call themselves Administrative Consultants (not virtual assistants, online business managers, personal assistants or anything else). Administrative Consultants are solopreneurs who are in the business of providing ongoing administrative support who work directly with clients one-on-one..Your website must specifically and exclusively use the term Administrative Consultant and clearly indicate that administrative support is first and foremost the business you are in or it will not be approved. For example, if your business name indicates you are in marketing or communications, that's an incongruency that would prevent your site from being approved.

4. No virtual staffing firms, secretarial services or multi/team VA businesses. We do not list secretarial services, virtual staffing firms, "virtual professionals," "online business managers" or "multi/team VA" businesses as those are different kinds of businesses and will not be approved. We are solely interested in Administrative Consultants in our directory.

5. The ACA membership button must be displayed on your website at all times. That is, it must be displayed on the website submitted and approved to this directory and it must be readily/easily visible (e.g., not on a hidden or obscure page). Be sure you have placed a membership button on your site BEFORE submitting your link or the listing will be automatically denied. If you have an old membership button on your site, you'll need to replace it with one of the new buttons before your listing will be approved. The membership button is the "fee" for directory listing. Sites that have removed their membership button will be removed from the directory.

6. No excessive banner ads, etc. Sites with unrelated pop-up and/or excessive banner advertising will not get listed as they detract from the credible, tasteful, professional image we want conveyed to potential clients. We strongly urge you to get a separate website or blog for that type of advertising. Naturally, you have the right to do with your site as you wish. Likewise, we reserve the right to determine who meets our criteria for approval.

7. No hyperbolic language. You might be great, but it is guaranteed that you are not "the greatest/premier Administrative Consultant in the universe." Let's keep it professional. Competent service professionals who understand how they truly help clients move forward in their businesses never need to rely on inflated, unfounded claims and puffery.

8. No focus on recruitment, selling or marketing to colleagues. Professional business sites must be marketing to clients, not colleagues. This is a directory for those who are in business for themselves providing administrative support to clients. If your site appears to be more of an organization geared toward colleagues, it will not be approved.

9. No WAHM sites. We don't have anything against moms who work from home--heck, most of us ARE moms--but the primary interest of this organization is putting the best image forth of the profession. Declaring that you are a WAHM on your website has nothing to do with business and the listing will be denied.

10. You must be an honest, ethical member of the professional community. If you have engaged in copyright infringement, plagiarism, trade name infringement, intellectual property theft, slander/libel or any other dishonest, unprofessional, unethical conduct, your listing will be automatically denied or removed.

11. By listing, you understand and agree that all information listed will be available for public view.

12. This directory is offered as a public service to clients. It in no way makes any claims or guarantees as to results, and we will not be held liable for any lapses in site functionality or visibility. Inclusion is a privilege and we reserve the right to reject a listing for any reason.

13. It is understood that any failure to meet the criteria above will result in immediate removal. We reserve the right to refuse or remove listings for any reason. Sites not in compliance with our listing requirements or that do not meet our standards of professional aesthetics will not be approved.

14. Terms are subject to change without notice.

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