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Video: Testimonial from Annette Pedersen

I was so thrilled to receive a video testimonial from Annette Pedersen. I had put a video challenge out to my members on Facebook and Annette stepped right up to the plate.

I can’t thank you enough, Annette, for your heartfelt words. This really means a lot to me, and I am so happy to have played a part in helping your business be the best it can be. xoxo

I Love Hearing How Colleagues Have Grown

It’s so nice to hear back from colleagues who have purchased the business tools I offer in the ACA Success Store.

I love hearing how they’ve learned something new or see things in a different light now, as well as how they are implementing the information and tools in their practices.

I especially love to hear how they’ve improved their business, processes and standards and gained new and better clients after investing in my offerings.

I recently received a lovely letter from Julie Barnes of Let’s Coordinate, LLC:

“Good afternoon, Danielle… I wanted to thank you for the Client Consultation Process I purchased this week. I used it this morning during my consultation and it made the process so easy and less nerve-wracking. Thanks again!”

I received a wonderful review from Cheryl Harless of CH Enterprises on my latest guide, Understanding Your Value: How to Craft Your Unique Value Proposition and Cash In on Value-Based Billing Methodologies

“If you are ready to work smarter instead of harder, this workbook is a must have!  Danielle has outdone herself with a wonderful, thought provoking, tutorial designed to make us really look closely at our business model and what we actually provide our customers. In Understanding Your Value: How to Craft Your Own Unique Value Proposition and Cash In on Value-Billing Methodologies, she encourages us to look beyond the current industry script, take the focus off of hours and dollars, and put it on what we really offer: value and results.

“Among other things, she teaches us the 3-step process of Fit, Focus, and Value – knowing who our clients are, the market they are in and then providing value-added services uniquely suited to these clients.

“This amazing guide is helping me to hone my own message and speak to my clients about the value I provide without having to account for every second. There isn’t a Virtual Assistant out there who enjoys tracking time, and this workbook teaches us how to get out of that nasty habit! I know I will use this tool over and over as my business grows and evolves!”

Denise Shears of Shears Virtual Advantage also sent me a lovely testimonial:

“This book is awesome! It so totally changed the way I thought about what I do and how I present it that I went right to my website and reworded my entire payment page! I can’t say enough about this book. I am printing it out and going to go through the steps Danielle suggests to get my mind, my business, in the right place to grow expoentially. I recommend this book for each and every Virtual Assistant out there, whether your business is just beginning or you’re a seasoned veteran. You can’t go wrong with it, and who knows, you may just learn a thing or two! :)

Thanks, you guys! It really does my heart good to know my products and information are truly helping you and others.

I’ll take these kind of messages any day of the week!

Aw… Thanks!

Nothing does my heart better than to hear about how the products and information I’ve provided to the industry are helping folks.

I get lovely messages all the time and I thought maybe I would start sharing those occasionally.

The other day, I got some nice feedback from two new colleagues who purchased agreements from our Success Store.

Melody Hufford wrote…

“The Retainer Agreement saved me much time in creating my own. The client was pleased with the professionalism and clarity of the contract, and I appreciated the layout and presentation.”

Natasha Rubin wrote…

“It was all laid out for me and I did not have to create something from scratch. I also took the forms to my attorney for feedback and he thought they were the best he had ever seen!”

I am so pleased to hear that, ladies. I wish you all the success in the world!

John Jantsch and I Featured Together on PayPal

Hey, I’m sharing the spotlight with John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing on PayPal’s Online Merchant Network through January 2007.

Here’s the link:

You do have to create an account, but it’s free, and a really neat new avenue to connect with other business owners and vendors. Check it out!