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POLL: Which Orientation Do You Prefer for Reading eBooks & Info Products?

I have a new business product coming out soon, and I’m trying to decide which paper orientation to use.

It seems like such an inconsequential detail, but if you’ve been an end-user of e-books and info products (which I think we all have at this point), no doubt you have some preferences.

For example, if you find it easier to read things in hardcopy and like to print out your ebooks and put in a binder, perhaps you prefer the portrait orientation.

On the other hand, I’ve seen some slick looking ebooks done landscape style (David Meerman Scott does many of his this way). If you’re someone who likes to read onscreen, maybe you prefer this orientation on your widescreen monitor.

Then again, maybe having to move your eyes so far left and right makes the reading difficult and tires you out. So when it comes down to practical use, maybe it’s not that great.

See what I mean, lol?

If you could take a quick minute to take the poll below, I would sure appreciate it!

(The answers will help you, too, whenever you create info products for yourself or clients).

I’d also love to hear the reasons for your preference in the comments. Many thanks!

What Size Computer Monitor Do You Use?

I’m curious about what size monitors Virtual Assistants are using these days (desktop, not laptop). If you have a quick second, please indicate your monitor size in the poll below (choose the answer that is closest; if you use dual monitors, select the size of the smallest monitor). Will be interesting to see the results!

Where Do You Get Stuck in Your Consultations

Wouldn’t it be great if all we had to do was network, have business owners immediately want to work with us, and instantly sign on for our retained support without any questions?

The reality is getting to actually work with retained clients takes a bit more effort.

You have to get at least some small idea about the new client’s business.

You have to gain some insight into their needs, goals and challenges so you can figure out whether and how you can help them.

You have to be able to articulate your value in a way that makes sense to them so that they aren’t asking you, “Why should I pay you $X when I can pay bozo over there $5/hr.

Am I right?

So I’m curious about where colleagues are having trouble spots in their consultation process.

Do you have any particular stumbling blocks when it comes to conducting consultations?

Are there any areas of the consultation process you’d like to be better at?

Or maybe you feel like you do well in your consultations, but the clients aren’t signing on or calling back. Is that the case for you?

Whatever the issue is in your consultations, I really, really want to hear from you. Post in the comments or send me an email and let me know where you’re getting stuck and what you’d like to improve.