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Do you have a business or marketing question related to your Administrative Consultant business? I’d love to help!

Just fill out the form below, and I’ll post my answer on the blog here. To ensure a response, please submit one question at a time and make sure it is relevant to the administrative support business. Questions like “How do I start an administrative support business?” or “How do I get clients?” are too broad/vague.

A few quick items to note:

  1. Please be patient. I get many, many questions submitted every week. When a question is selected for publication, it can often be several weeks before my answer is posted depending on my time and how many other posts are already scheduled ahead of it. Be sure and subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss a thing. :)
  2. Get the term right. This is the Administrative Consultants Association. I don’t deal with VA questions here; I deal with Administrative Consultant questions. Getting terms right is etiquette and obervation skills that are as important as calling someone by their correct name. If you get that wrong, it means you aren’t paying attention and I can’t waste my time.
  3. Questions and responses are posted on the blog. As an industry mentor, one of the reasons I write this blog is so I can help many people at once. Any questions that are submitted will be published on the blog so that the conversation will benefit others. If you are looking for private, one-on-one coaching and guidance, I am happy to help you here.
  4. Remember, this is a free service. Please be gracious about that. Like you, I’m only human and have a life outside of my industry work here. I appreciate those who appreciate my time and remember the golden words “please” and “thank you” (it matters). ;)

I look forward to hearing from you!

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