Are You Building a Burnout-Proof Business?

Are You Building a Burnout Proof Business?

Good article from Zapier today: 10 Signs that You’re Headed for Burnout

This is why it’s so important to build a business around YOUR needs first, not clients.

Figure that out, formalize it, write it down, and say it out loud. Then, choose only clients, work, and business practices that align with those standards, intentions and values.

When all you do is chase after any clients without discernment, working just for the money, instead of instituting policies, procedures and protocols around the standards and values you want for yourself and your business, and you continue to work with less than ideal clients, that is a fast path to stress, overwhelm, then burnout and exhaustion.

And don’t misunderstand me. I’m not talking about making clients second-fiddle. Far from it.

It’s actually about the fact that by putting yourself first and building a business that serves YOU and your needs first, you are actually FAR better equipped to a) get better clients, and b) take exceptionally good care of those clients.

A business that doesn’t make you happy ultimately does no one any good, not you and not the clients.

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  1. Elizabeth Marie says:

    Great article and good timing! I just had a potential connection randomly pop up in the past 2 days telling me she needed assistance but didn’t have a good budget. I had spoken with her weeks before and she “put me on hold until she figured out her stuff.” She randomly emailed me and tried asking me to meet with her next week during the holidays. (This was yesterday afternoon) I quickly turned that down since I planned on closing for the week. That quickly escalated to her asking for a call tomorrow right before me closing down for the weekend. I made an executive decision to meet with her *after* the holidays. I’m swamped and can barely keep up with my work. I’m not even sure I’ll finish by the end of tomorrow. I also have a bad feeling about this and I think she is a demanding client with no budget trying to get my attention or free advice during holiday time. Regardless, it is not what I need right now! I’m on the brink of burn out and I need a week off! I also tried to help her weeks ago when I was free and she turned me down… I’m a little annoyed she reached out to me 2 days before a major holiday week. I now have other, more important stuff on my plate. (ie – clients paying me for so many hours a month!)

  2. Good for you for trusting your own wise counsel. You knew what you needed and stuck to your guns. She had her opportunity and she squandered it. Not that you can’t provide her with another one if you so choose, but on your terms (i.e., when it works for YOU and your business). Thanks for sharing. I love hearing this!

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