Why Should I Pay that When I Can Get a Temp or Offshore VA for $5 Bucks an Hour?

Ever hear a client utter these words?

It’s probably the most grating sentence in our industry today.

But what if you knew exactly how to respond?

What if you offered your services in a way that didn’t focus whatsoever on hourly rates?

Wouldn’t that be a total game changer?

It’s not so annoying when you actually begin to love responding to that question (or when you no longer get it in the first place). ;)

…If you frequently encounter price resistance with clients and want to know what to do about it;

…If you have trouble getting clients to commit;

…If you struggle with articulating your value to clients, talking about your fees, and feeling confident about them;

…If you find the whole topic of pricing difficult, I have the solution!

It’s my value-priced packaging and pricing guide, How to Price and Package Your Support Based on Hours & Expertise — NOT Selling Hours

Value-Based Pricing & Packaging Guide: How to Price and Package Your Support Based on Value and Expertise—NOT Selling Hours (GDE39)

This guide will show you how to:

  • Attract more clients, more easily;
  • Make more money;
  • Create an easier business to run;
  • And toss out those time sheets forever!

…all without discounting, bargaining, or justifying your fees whatsoever!

3 Responses

  1. I’m moving away from administrative support toward providing content but I still have some old clients… and I just wanted to say that I think what you’re doing is fabulous.

    Seriously, getting away from hourly pricing is a must for VAs and I hope a lot of people sign up for this. I have recommended it to a few people because I really would like to see more VAs do this and get out of the hourly “grind”.


  2. Thanks for your support, Stephanie. 🙂

    It’s definitely a passion of mine. I’m so tired of seeing colleagues struggle over this.

    The problem is that in providing support (not simply projects and tasks), they don’t know how to scope the work and set parameters other than selling hours.

    It doesn’t help when there are training organizations in our industry teaching people how to be nothing more than assistants and gophers (who only call themselves business owners) instead of administrative experts.

  3. Liz Parker says:

    I agree wholeheartedly but it is often a difficult concept to grasp if you are moving from an “employed” situation to a “business owner” mode.

    I see so many clients looking for a way to compare VAs (other than price) but because the VAs don’t offer them anything they revert back to cost.

    VAs need to talk “value” and talk in the clients language so that they are clear on benefits to the clients – ie. offer an experience!

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