Dear Danielle: Do You Ever Provide Writing Samples?

Dear Danielle: Do You Ever Provide Writing Samples?

Dear Danielle:

I love your insight into this amazing industry and the advice that you provide. My question is, have you ever created a writing sample as an administrative consultant? If so, what type of sample and what do you include? Thanks so much! —Tajanna Mallory

Hi Tajanna 🙂

Thanks for the question!

Nope, I haven’t and I wouldn’t, and I’ll tell you why:

I wouldn’t create writing samples because I’m not in the writing business.

I’m in the administrative support business.

Two different things.

Remember, you’re not a gopher, a lackey, who does any ol’ thing clients dream up to pile on you.

As an Administrative Consultant, you’re in business to provide a specific expertise—the expertise of administrative support.

This is yet another example of why people in the admin support business need to stop calling and viewing themselves as assistants.

When you call yourself an assistant, clients think it’s their role to twist you into whatever pretzels they please.

Because that’s what they’re used to doing to employees.

And people only understand the word assistant one way: employee.

Here’s the thing:

They wouldn’t expect their attorney to build them a house, would they? They wouldn’t turn to their accountant to handle a lawsuit, right?

Of course not.

Because those are different expertises that entail completely different skills, knowledge, training, talents and processes that they aren’t in business to provide.

This is why I’m always telling folks, you have GOT to get clear and specific about what business you’re in.

Are you a writer? Or are you an adminstrator?

You can be whatever you want, of course. And maybe you have a separate writing division in your business. But that doesn’t make writing and admin support the same thing.

It’s like the analogy I’m always using:  Why would you ask a plumber to fix your car?

That would be silly, naturally. Someone who needs their car fixed needs a mechanic, not a plumber.

It’s the same thing here, and I would tell a client so.

I don’t “do” writing. I “do” administrative support.

Clients need to write their own stuff or hire an actual writer/copywriter to perform that service for them.

I might edit/proof their work, but I don’t write for them. That’s not what I’m in business to do.

Do you understand the difference?

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  1. Danielle, once again thank you for another amazing blog. Every time I see that you have a new blog, I click and read! I totally agree with you. I had a client a while back that was not an ideal client at all and I had to let her go. She hired me to do a job but she wanted to micromanage, insult my work and think I was her personal assistant. So, I kindly typed up a letter saying that I didn’t think we were a good fit and we parted ways. Now, when I was working with her, she thought I was going to do content writing and I kindly told her I DO NOT do content writing. Instead, she would have to do the content herself or hire someone to do it for her and I could proofread/edit the work and place the content that she provide me on a template that I was designing for her on Mailchimp. You have to be up front and clear with your clients about what you do because if you don’t you will be doing things that will have nothing to do with what you are in business for in the first place which is providing ongoing administrative support to business owners.

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