Pinch Yourself Today, Right Now

Pinch Yourself Today, Right Now

I was chatting online with a long-time colleague yesterday, someone whom I greatly like and admire.

I asked how business was going for her since we hadn’t had a chance to catch up in awhile.

This colleague has always invested in herself and her business. She’s purchased my entire system of business success products and if I remember correctly, taken all my training classes as well, and she is doing all kinds of fantastic!

I didn’t want to say how proud I was of her (though I am) because that sounds so condescending. So I said I hoped she realized how stinkin’ proud of all that she’s accomplished she should be because SHE did this!

And I hope YOU are taking time regularly for “pinch myself” moments to honor and celebrate all that you’ve accomplished in your business journey as well.

I call them “pinch myself” moments because even having been in this business for nearly 20 years, I frequently marvel at just how fortunate I am to be living this lifestyle that my business affords me. And I “pinch” myself in gratitude that YES, this is REAL, this is my real life and I DID IT!

All anyone (myself included) can do is give you our best help, knowledge and guidance, but it’s YOU who makes it all happen in your own life and business.

So take a moment, right now, to celebrate all your accomplishments, every step you’ve conquered, every action you’ve taken, every fear you’ve faced, no matter how big or seemingly insignificant. Because they are all equally important in your journey.

Every time you learn a difficult lesson, every time you face down something you were scared of, that intimidated you or you felt daunted by, you make progress toward your goals for self determination and independence. And you grow not only in your business, but personally as well.

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  1. Carol says:

    Often we forget to celebrate our business accomplishments or we feel it would be egotistical….but the truth is we work extremely hard to build our businesses, often sacrificing other opportunities along the way. Thanks for the reminder! We’re all pretty awesome.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hey Danielle – I love this because I worked so hard to get to a great place that even though things are where I am very happy with them, I still think I need to bust my butt. Posts like these remind me that I’m in a good place and while marketing is ongoing, it’s okay to “chill”. I am extremely grateful for what I’ve created and for you because you were (are) always the sounding board making sure that I am staying true to myself 🙂

    I encourage everyone to take advantage of your laser coaching.

  3. Hey, Miss Stephanie, is it okay to mention that you inspired this post? Oops, I just did, lol.

    I watched you work your ass off over the years and I am so happy and thrilled for you and all you’ve done and accomplished in your business. You earned and deserve it, lady!

    Love ya!

  4. Where’s your gravatar, by the way. Get your face up there! lol

  5. Lisa Robinson says:

    Thank you for this. Today I was struggling with several things and hit a brick wall on something. And reading this reminded me to look at how far I have Co e and what I have accomplished both personally and growing my business. It made me want to keep working on my business and getting it where I can run my business fulltime and quit my day job.

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