Another Hypocritical Article…

Another Hypocritical Article

Another hypocritical article from someone miseducating people in business: 5 Signs It’s Time to Hire an Assstant

If you’re going to hire an assistant, an assistant is an employee (whether they work from home or at a desk next to your office), and you better damn well expect to follow the employment laws that everyone else has to abide by— including paying taxes and not paying under the table.

If you don’t, not only are you a scofflaw, you’re a thief—stealing from those men and women their rightful wages and benefits they are due by law (i.e., Social Security, Medicare, etc.).

If you’re going to hire a professional, on the other hand, they are running a business:

1) They are not your assistants, and

2) They charge PROFESSIONAL fees.

This woman purports to be a champion for women in business—except when it comes to paying them, obviously.

No one in our industry can have a sustainable, profitable business charging a mere $20/hour. Ridiculous!

That’s an employee wage, not the fees that an independent professional charges who has done the proper business math and expects to have a sustainable, profitable business she can actually make a living from.

Someone telling your marketplace to expect those kind of fees is someone who is not in your corner. That’s someone who respects everyone but you as a business owner.

But you see where this comes from right? The term “assistant.”

When people think you are some lowly assistant (no matter how much they deny otherwise), they expect to pay you lowly wages as well.

You’re running a business, not working under the table for cheapskates who want to devalue and take advantage of you. You deserve more than that in your business and life.

Don’t you?

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  1. The comments to the article are almost as idiotic. Why on earth would you thank someone for an article that miseducates your marketplace and perpetuates the devaluing of you as a business? Kiss ass much?

    If you were doing any other business, that author would be telling you to raise your fees because there is absolutely no way you are profitable at $20/hour. No way, guaranteed.

    And you can’t make up for that unsustainability with more clients because the more clients you take on at that rate, the LESS profitable you are. It’s economics 101, besides the fact that you wouldn’t be able to handle all the clients you’d need to take on in order to make improper business pricing like that profitable.

    Her business advice should come with a disclaimer: “I’m the voice for women in business… unless you’re a VA. Then, none of my business advice applies. You should charge the least amount possible, because heck, you’re not a business owner. You’re an assistant.”

  2. Plus, you don’t hire a professional because they’re cheaper than you. Am I going to only hire an attorney or accountant or web designer as long as they charge less than me? Patently ridiculous and pure stupidity. You hire a professional because what you gain in return, what problems/headaches/inconveniences/challenges they alleviate you from, is greater than what they charge. And if you’re a business coach who walks what she talks with congruency and integrity, THAT’S what you educate business people about.

  3. Judy Reyes says:

    I agree this is a crock. Her answer: cheap labor, under the table employees, save all your money for yourself. Dear Ms.Ali, could you live on $20 per hour billed? Aren’t people with administrative expertise who are GOOD AT THINGS YOU’RE NOT GOOD AT worth more that $20 per hour?
    Good grief. Any administrative consultant with an iota of self-worth would never work for someone like this. Danielle, I think this is where values come into play. I won’t work for someone for whom respect and dignity for others is just a theory, because in practice $20 per hour is a slap in the face.

    She never addresses the employee/independent contractor issue. What is she doing advising people to hire “pseudo-employees?”

  4. Exactly. My problem with her is the hypocrisy, the inconsistency and incongruency with her business message to women. She charges a lot of money to teach people about business. Nothing wrong with that and well she should.

    But if those people are following those business lessons, they sure as hell aren’t going to be charging such a pauper’s wage as $20/hour. You simply cannot have a sustainable, profitable service business at that rate and that’s one of the things she teaches people. So why would she give such an inconsistent example? If you’re gonig to teach people about thinking like entrepreneurs, they should be hiring based on value, not cost. What is the best choice, not “who is cheaper than me.”

    If she had been talking about coaching or web design or any other service industry, I highly doubt she would have used the same example rate and if she had, those industries would be insulted and up in arms as well.

    On the flip side, though, it’s always our job as business people to articulate our value. And our value is only relative to what clients find valuable. AND words have an incredible amount of power in how they affect and create the connotations and perceptions in clients whether they realize it or not. Our entire industry message thus far has been one of marketing like employees. And when you do that, it’s no wonder these people devalue us. When people call themselves assistnats, they are creating the context and connotations that make clients see them as nothing more than assistants.

  5. Little by little, I’ve been making my way through all of the blog posts. I made it to this one and have to say I was very upset after reading that lady’s article. She has some nerve! Her mentality is to make money even if it means treating her employees like trash. Looking through her website made me even more angry so I had to close the page. Stealing from employees, no matter how it’s done, is still stealing.

  6. Read this at a good time, I really had to break it down in a consultation to a would have been potential client that I am not our assistant. I laughed so hard at your point on the taxes they don’t pay. I am working on ways to let people know exactly what I am NOT— a damn assistant.

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